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Media release - 6th September 2022

Plan International statement as Somalia nears famine: “It should never have come to this.”

The UN’s humanitarian chief Martin Griffiths has said that famine will occur in October in parts of Somalia according to the latest food security and nutrition analysis. In 2011, the last time a famine was declared in Somalia, 260,000 people lost their lives. Half of those who died were children under the age of five. This time, the death toll could be even worse. This year’s drought is more severe and is affecting more parts of the country than in 2011.

Media release - 29th August 2022

Plan International Australia youth activists stand up against street harassment, training Australians on how to safely intervene as impactful bystanders

Plan International Australia, together with six of its inspiring youth activists, have today joined L’Oréal Paris to encourage all Australians to stand up against street harassment. The Stand Up Against Street Harassment campaign and intervention is part of a global movement across 40 countries and is focused on raising awareness about street harassment, and providing training in the 5Ds – Distract, Delegate, Document, Direct, and Delay – to support bystanders to safely stand up to street harassment when they see it.

Media release - 23rd May 2022

Plan International Australia responds to 2022 Federal Election result: Voters have sent a clear message to politicians on the issues that matter to them – climate and gender equality

Plan International Australia congratulates Prime Minister Anthony Albanese and the Labor team on their 2022 election victory, along with all candidates elected to Parliament. We are looking forward to working with the new government on making the world a safer and more equal place for girls and children here in Australia and all around the world. A better world, where young people can live happy and healthy lives, and where girls in all their diversities can thrive.

Media release - 9th May 2022

Three quarters of young women voting for first time in the federal election do not believe Australian politics is an equal space for women and people of colour

From sexism and misogyny to racism, homophobia, transphobia and a lack of inclusive practices for people living with a disability, new Plan International Australia research has found that 75% of young Australian women do not feel politics is an equal or inclusive space for them. What’s more, 60% of the young people surveyed said that they didn’t feel that Parliament has become any more safe or equal in the last 12 months ­– despite multiple reviews into the toxic culture of Parliament and promises to fix things­.

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