Ceasefire now: Email Prime Minister Albanese and Minister Wong

Nowhere in Gaza is safe.

Call on our government to do everything in its power to push for peace, including by publicly supporting the ICJ ruling, provide transparency of the process of arms sales and ensuring unfettered humanitarian aid to enter Gaza immediately.











Photo: Blast damage on the streets of Gaza. © Plan International / Fatem

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In January 2024, the International Court of Justice (ICJ) found it plausible that Israel is committing genocide and requests Israel “take all measures within its power” to prevent genocide in Gaza. The Australian government must ensure the ICJ decision is respected and upheld by all parties, and take steps to ensure its own compliance with the Genocide Convention.

Join us in demanding our government continues to call for a ceasefire while also:

  • Publicly supporting the ICJ’s decision to help end the war in Gaza and allow for critical recovery and reconstruction efforts to begin
  • Provide transparency of the processes of arms sales, especially while there is a risk they are used to commit serious violations of international law
  • Reinstating UNRWA funding and pushing for unfettered humanitarian aid to enter Gaza immediately

In 120 plus days of war, over 27,000 Palestinians have been killed in Gaza, over 65,000 people have been injured and 1.7 million internally displaced. Thousands more people are missing under rubble. Systems have totally collapsed due to Israel’s constant bombardment and nowhere in Gaza is safe.

The government must provide transparency of the due diligence process for arms sales, particularly given the ongoing risk that they are used to commit serious violations of international law.

Australia must play its part in upholding international law, doing everything it can to end the siege in Gaza and call for a path to real and lasting peace.

Help children in Gaza