In everything that we do, safeguarding people is our number one priority.

We recognise that we have been trusted to work with people across the globe, many of whom are in extremely vulnerable situations. That is why we have zero tolerance for anyone who violates this position of trust by abusing or harming the people we work with and alongside.


We take seriously our responsibility to safeguard all people from harm. We work to both prevent harm as well as respond immediately and effectively to any concern. Safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility and an everyday part of our work.


Photo: Jeanette, 20, with her youngest child. © Plan International


Everything we do in communities, and with children and young people – whether in Australia or overseas – is based on trust and the principle of doing no harm. That is why we don’t just say that safeguarding is what we do, we say it is a crucial part of who we are. Which is why safeguarding sits at the heart of our engagement with communities. We get it right most of the time, but there are times when we don’t. I strongly encourage anyone either within the organisation or outside of it to speak up and report any concerns they have and know that these will be taken seriously and acted on. That is our promise to the communities that we work with and to all of our supporters.”
  • Susanne Legena, CEO

Photo: Girl harvests some vegetables she has grown in the school garden. © Plan International

Here are a few of the ways we work to keep people safe:

  • visible and committed leaders who role model our organisational values and behaviours
  • clear policies and codes of expected behaviour
  • informing and empowering all children, young people and communities about their rights, how to report concerns and the behaviour they can expect from those associated with us
  • creating a culture of awareness and prevention amongst staff and anyone connected with our work
  • collaborating with partners in our safeguarding efforts and ensuring they meet minimum standards
  • safe engagement processes and clear sanctions for those who abuse or harm
  • risk assessment, analysis and mitigation.

We believe that everyone has the right to live a life free from violence and are committed to ensuring that all possible and necessary steps are taken to realise the rights of and to actively safeguard from harm; all children, young people and communities that we work with both in Australia and overseas.

The rights of children and young people are at the heart of everything we do. The privacy, dignity and wellbeing of all children is our shared priority, and we take every step to ensure we and everyone we engage with keep children safe from intentional or unintentional harm.


If you have a concern, suspicion or know of/have witnessed an incident of abuse or harm to a child, young person or anyone in the community that is perpetrated by anyone associated with Plan International Australia (PIA), please let us know.

Concerns can be raised through the following channels:

It is mandatory for anyone connected to Plan International Australia (staff, volunteers, consultants etc) to confidentially report all concerns, suspicions of allegations of abuse/harm/violence and/or any breaches of our safeguarding policies.

We will take all concerns and reports of abuse and harm including sexual exploitation, abuse or harassment seriously and will investigate and act on these reports immediately, with the highest priority, and in accordance with the guiding principles.  PIA will ensure that investigations will be carried out by experienced and qualified professionals who are trained on sensitive, confidential investigations and a victim/survivor centred approach.

Read more about our commitments and accountabilities

Monitoring and policy review

Our Risk Assurance Team monitor the implementation of our safeguarding policies periodically, reporting to our Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and the Board.

Our policies are reviewed every three years. Our Safeguarding Delegate manages  this in consultation with survivors, partners, communities (where appropriate) and staff, Executive Team and the Board. All  policy reviews are approved by the Executive Team and the Board.

Our work is also guided by other codes of conduct and regulations.

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