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Would you or your employer like to contribute to building a better, more equal world?

Workplace Giving is the simple process of making regular tax-deductible donations through the payroll system. It is one of the most cost effective ways to donate. It minimises the cost to the employee, and maximises the benefit for the charity and its mission. Plus, it can build a positive culture in the workplace, and increase employee engagement!

Setup Workplace Giving for your staff

Workplace giving is a great way to be a socially responsible entity, while increasing employee engagement and inspiring stakeholders. It helps instil pride in your employees, as they see you commit to causes that are close to their hearts and creates a sense of community across your organisation. Some workplaces also opt for matched giving as a way to increase the impact that they are having. With Plan International Australia, matched giving funds support projects that need funds the most.

To get your workplace giving started or to know more, email us at [email protected].

Our team will get back to you as soon as possible and walk you through the process of workplace giving.

Workplace Giving: Employee

By getting involved in workplace giving with Plan International Australia, you can make a lasting difference for children, especially girls, around the world.

Your donations will be from your pre-tax income, which means you can pay less tax, and you won’t need to collect receipts or wait until the end of the year to claim a tax-refund on your donation. You’ll also get a tax-saving straight away.

All you need to do is follow these simple steps and you can start making a difference.

Your workplace needs to have a payroll system that enables your payroll manager to deduct a donation from your pay. If this system is in place, your donation automatically comes out of your pre-tax salary.

To sign up to workplace giving, you will need your personal details, your donation details and your payroll details.

Step One:

Fill out the form below.

Step Two:

An email will be sent to you with all the details that you provided. Your payroll will also receive a link in the email, as they will have to confirm a couple of details.

The details you provide will help your payroll to identify you, and make the right changes to your pay. In order to make the process smooth, please let your payroll know that we will be contacting them.

Step Three:

You’ll receive a confirmation  from Plan International Australia.

As soon as your payroll gets back to us, we will finalise the workplace giving on our side and get back to you with confirmation.

Please note: Some employers will match your donation, so together, you make double the impact! Ask your employer if this is something they would consider.

By signing, you consent to Plan International Australia contacting you regarding campaign progress and opportunities to support its impact work, including fundraising. You agree to Plan International Australia collecting and handling your personal information as per its Privacy Policy. For inquiries, email [email protected] or call 13 75 26.


Our priority is making sure that our funds go towards sustainable programs – which is why the vast majority of our funds go to our overseas work. To do that, we need to build strong teams here and overseas, we need public awareness and support, and we need systems in place that ensure we can work effectively as a global organisation. Learn more about how giving to us works.

By making regular donations, we’re able to increase the value and impact of our work. This means we can best serve the people and communities that we work with. Your support can help us achieve our mission of an equal world for all children.

Your donations could fund our programs that support girls to access education and critical health services. They can provide families living in poverty with everything they need to keep their families healthy and safe. They can provide safe spaces where girls can learn about their rights, gain life skills, and get the support they need to overcome the barriers holding them back.

View the latest version of our Annual Report to see snapshots of our global work, examples of how we’re working towards our goals and commitments, and details about our finances for the last financial year.
Right now, millions of girls are being married as children. Forced out of school. Killed by violence. Half the world’s population is being held back by inequality, but it doesn’t have to be this way. When girls are supported and empowered to speak up, know their rights and lead, they can create a better, more equal world. And a better now for girls, means a better future for everyone.

When girls are educated and supported – their entire family and community benefits, including boys and men. Because gender inequality affects absolutely everyone. By standing with girls and supporting them to speak up, know their rights and lead, we’re working towards a better, more equal world for all.
Yes, donations of $2 or more are tax deductible in Australia (depending on your personal tax position).
We are a secular organisation with no religious or political affiliations. Poverty doesn’t discriminate, so neither do we.

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