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media-centre - 19 September 2023

Are we equal? It depends on who you ask

The World Economic Forum calculates that we are still 131 years away from achieving gender equality. This means that, based on average predicted lifespans, a girl born in 2062 still won’t see gender equality achieved in her lifetime. This is unacceptable. We must beat this ticking clock and accelerate change. If not, we risk locking out billions of girls around the world from participating fully and richly in life, and the benefit of their contributions.

media-centre - 13 September 2023

‘Until we are all equal’: Plan International Australia releases Gender Compass, a first-of-its-kind study revealing what ordinary Australians really think about gender equality

Plan International Australia today released a ground-breaking new piece of research, Gender Compass, revealing what ordinary Australians really think about gender equality.
Gender Compass is a first-of-its-kind project which segments the Australian public into six groups according to their beliefs, values, motivators, policy preferences and behaviours around gender equality.

media-centre - 27 August 2023

Cyber security incident

An update on the cyber incident involving one of our third party fundraising suppliers, Pareto Phone.

media-centre - 8 August 2023

Plan International Australia responds to Government’s new International Development policy: “We can and must do more for adolescent girls”

The Albanese Government’s new International Development Policy, published today, includes a greatly-needed focus on gender equality and addressing the climate crisis – however it has missed an opportunity to address the unique and urgent needs of adolescent girls and young people, according to Plan International Australia.

media-centre - 20 June 2023

World Refugee Day: As the crisis in Sudan escalates, hundreds of thousands of girls and young women are at risk of gender-based violence and exploitation 

As the world unites to support refugees this World Refugee Day, Plan International Australia is calling for the protection and safety of children caught up in the crisis in Sudan, with particular concerns for separated or unaccompanied children, especially girls and young women, who are more vulnerable to abuse, trafficking and sexual violence. 

media-centre - 26 May 2023

A hidden menstrual health crisis: New research reveals multiple crises around the world affecting ability of young people manage their periods safely and with dignity

A new report by Plan International Australia has found the effects of the so-called polycrisis – the simultaneous and overlapping crises of cost of living, climate disasters, food insecurity and conflict around the world – has severely affected the ability of young women and girls to access menstrual health and hygiene information and products, and safely manage their periods. 

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