Youth Activist Series (YAS)

Our Youth Activists are a force to be reckoned with.

YAS is a 12-month program for young people who are passionate about fighting for gender justice.


They receive training in advocacy and campaigning, stakeholder and government relations, media and communications and research, to then go out into the world and tackle inequality head on.


They are fearless, powerful and feminist.

Meet our 2022 Youth Activists 

The 10 passionate new activists from Plan International Australia’s 2022 Youth Activist Series have been announced. Meet our 2022 Youth Activists.

PIA Youth Activist Series 2022

To achieve our vision of a more equal world, where all children can live happy and healthy lives, and where girls can take their rightful place as equals, Plan International Australia supports young people around the world, particularly girls and young women, to be agents of change.

The Youth Activist Series does just that – it works to make sure young people are at the centre of what we do. It amplifies the voices of young people and it equips and empowers the participants to change the world around them.

Our YAS program is an opportunity and a platform to create change, develop valuable skills, forge lifelong friendships and channel your passion for gender justice campaigning and speaking truth to power.

What do Youth Activists do?

Youth Activists bring their passion, skills and lived experiences to the issues Plan International Australia advocates for.

The YAS provides a platform for young people to learn more about global issues surrounding gender justice, and presents a space where they can build their capacity and advocate and campaign with young people all over the world. The purpose of YAS is to give participants the chance to drive real change that is informed by their voices and solutions.

Corporate Partnership 2022

In 2022, the Youth Activist Series will be supported by a Corporate Partner that aligns with Plan International Australia’s values for gender justice and empowering young women.

What does this involve?

As a part of this, our youth activists will have the opportunity to be involved in public engagement activities, training and events with the Partner. This support may also include in-store photos and storytelling from the 2022 youth activists to engage the Australian community to support the next generation of leaders.

Our partner provides funding for the Youth Activist Series program in 2022, including the youth-centred research project that takes place later in the year. The partner may use a commercial product to raise funds in support of the project, and to amplify the campaign ask that YAS in 2022 advocate for.

Over the years, the YAS have achieved incredible things.

Plan International Australia’s Youth Activists were involved in co-designing the Free to Be crowd-mapping tool, rallying participation in the research and adding girls’ voices to the national conversation about our right to live safely in our cities. Advocating for girls and young women’s safety, the YAS engaged with numerous power holders and stakeholders to push for change and implement the recommendations they wanted to see from the Unsafe in the City report.

In 2020, alongside Plan International’s youth leaders in Vietnam, the Youth Activists led research into the challenges faced by girls, young women and non-binary folk as a result of COVID-19. Not only did they delve into the issues that COVID-19 exposed in our systems, but they also highlighted young people’s dreams and solutions for a ‘better normal’ – a just, equitable and sustainable future for all. Then guess what they did? They took their report ‘A Better Normal: Girls Call for a Revolutionary Reset’ and their recommendations to the United Nations General Assembly – calling on global leaders to centre youth in the recovery process.

In 2021, alongside Plan International’s youth leaders in Indonesia and Vietnam, Youth Activists explored the role of online bystanders and how active bystander intervention can fight the growing levels of gender-based violence and harassment that young people experience online.

These youth leaders worked together to design The Future Online’s guiding project questions, conduct focus group discussions with peers, and take their demands of accountability and change to stakeholders in Australia and the Asia-Pacific: including the ESafety Commissioner, TikTok, and Twitter.

Every International Day Of The Girl, YAS also partake in ‘share the mic’ opportunities, where young people consult with leaders and decision makers to bring youth experiences and voices to the forefront! In 2020, the Youth Activists spoke to Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok and Twitter to demand commitments from social media platforms to create safe and empowering spaces for girls and young women online. Read the Free to Be Online? report.

Time commitment

The Youth Activist Series is a 12 month commitment. We expect you to attend 80% of the webinars and workshops, to maximise your skills development and ensure that you are ready to fight for gender justice.

We expect that you will actively partake in activities and events throughout the year. Some months will be busier than others (particularly February, May to July, September and October). There will also be ad-hoc opportunities to speak with the media, present at forums and engage with stakeholders.

The Youth Activist Series training weekend is compulsory and will take place in Melbourne in mid to late February 2022. Flights and accommodation for Sydney-based youth activists will be covered by Plan International Australia. You will be required to be available during the day and for group dinners over that weekend.

Please note, this will depend on the COVID-19 restrictions and will be updated according to the restrictions in place at the time.

If you are under 18 years of age you will need to seek permission from your parent or guardian to participate in the program.

Meet our 2022 Youth Activists.