Gaza Middle East Crisis

Children are always innocent in war and conflict. Help protect them now.

As a humanitarian organisation that advocates for the rights of children everywhere, we are devastated and horrified by the conflict that has erupted in Gaza and Israel. Right now, children in Gaza, the West Bank and Israel are suffering when they should be living their lives without violence and fear.

We urgently need your support to protect children and families fleeing violence.

Will you help?

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Photo: Family sit amid rubble of their home following an air strike, in the city of Rafah, south of the Gaza strip. Photo: Anas-Mohammed /

Protect children and families from this humanitarian catastrophe

Since the morning of 7 October 2023, the conflict has escalated with the number of casualties soaring past 10,000. Among the casualties, nearly half are children.

Horrific images of suffering, pain and grief coming out of the region are hard to look at. But we cannot look away.

The situation in Gaza is rapidly deteriorating. Homes, schools, hospitals, and churches are being destroyed. Families are starving and struggling to find clean drinking water. Hospitals are running out of supplies and fuel to run the generators.

Children, who make up half of the population, and their families, do not have anywhere safe to go. They cannot flee outside Gaza. They are scared and are in-hiding, and running out of food, water and time.

Nothing can justify the killing and maiming of children. Act now.

Protecting children is our priority

Millions of children are being traumatised by this conflict. Many children have been orphaned and are at a high-risk of trafficking and violence. We are deeply concerned for the increased risks of physical and sexual violence faced by women and girls affected by this conflict.

We need Plan International social workers on the ground now to help protect them. Will you help?

Photo: Baby bottle amid rubble of ruined municipality building following an air strike in the city of Khan Yunis, south of Gaza. Photo: Anas-Mohammed /

Donate to protect children

How Plan International is responding

Access is limited, but with the help of partner organisations, we are on the ground in Gaza supporting children and their families with urgent humanitarian aid. We are providing food, water, first aid kits and medical supplies.

Our Plan International offices in Egypt, Lebanon and Jordan are rapidly scaling up our responses with our partners, like the Egyptian Red Crescent, to reach children in Gaza and be ready for the influx of Palestinians seeking safety across the border into neighbouring countries. We urgently need support to provide life-saving humanitarian aid to as many people as possible.

Your gift today will go straight towards:

  • life-saving food, first-aid, water and medicine for families who have lost everything.
  • shelter kits for families crossing the border so they have somewhere safe to sleep.
  • menstrual hygiene kits so women and girls can manage their periods with dignity.
  • child protection services for children who have lost parents, and are at risk of child-trafficking and exploitation.
  • counselling for children and families who have been traumatised.

We are deeply concerned for all the children suffering in Israel, including hostages who must be released. The Government of Israel has not requested additional support from the international humanitarian community at this time.

Every hour we wait, even more children are at risk if they do not receive urgent supplies. Help now.


Photo: Mattresses being delivered to collective shelters by Plan International. Photo: Plan International

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