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Partnering with Plan International is a way for businesses who share our vision to make a tangible contribution to a better world. In addition to being financial donors, partners can work with us to reach audiences, shift attitudes and influence change towards a more equal world.

Our Impact

83 Countries
83 Countries
Plan International currently programs and works in more than 80 countries worldwide.
52.2 million
52.2 million
We’ve reached more than 50 million children in our programs across the globe.
5.9 million
5.9 million
Almost 6 million girls and young women received better access to education.

Our mission is to create a just world that advances
children’s rights and equality for girls.

We’ve been doing our life-changing work for more than 80 years, but we don’t do it alone.

We bring people together to create change that lasts. Children, families, local communities, government, schools, businesses, and you.

Our expertise in gender-transformative programming, humanitarian aid, and child protection allow us to create long-lasting and effective change. Our dream is of an equal world; a world where all children can live happy and healthy lives, and where girls can take their rightful place as equals.

We are a secular, non party-political organisation and have no religious or political affiliations. We take a rights-based approach to development and are not confined by ideological or religious boundaries. When you partner with us, not only will your business and team be supporting young women, children and their families, you’ll be generating a positive, social impact – one that can elevate your brand and contribute greatly to your corporate social responsibility.

When you become one of our corporate partners, this is the world you’re helping to build. There are many avenues to explore when it comes to corporate partnership, such as:

  • Support a project or campaign
    We’ll work with you to ensure your donation benefits your business as well as the children and families it supports. Support our campaigns, where we’re working with businesses to raise awareness of the challenges facing girls and the power they have to provide a path out of poverty for themselves and their families.
  • Join our Change for Girls program
    Become a regular-giver to support our progressive programs that are working to end gender inequality.
  • Workplace giving (payroll giving)
    It’s simple for businesses to set up and operate a tax-effective way for your staff to make donations direct from their pay. Businesses can choose to match staff donations, which means your contributions can go twice as far!
  • Cause-related marketing
    We’ll work with you to develop a cause-related marketing program that benefits your business, while supporting our mission to help children realise their full potential.
  • E-commerce
    If you’re an e-commerce business, find out how you can easily link your product or service to our cause through the Footprints Network or i=Change.
  • Social enterprises and inclusive businesses
    We recognise the power of businesses to eradicate poverty through product innovation, access to services and inclusive business practices. That’s why we work with businesses locally and overseas to create economic opportunity and improve lives. If you have business insights, products or services that you think can change a community’s future, we would love to talk with you.
  • Staff fundraising
    Looking for a way to boost staff engagement and cooperation across your business? Staff fundraising is a great option. Email us to find out more about how to fundraise for us.

To find out more about how you can partner with Plan International Australia, complete the below expression of interest form.

Expression of Interest

  • The corporation I represent does not derive revenue from tobacco, weapons, gambling, pornography, exploitative credit or alcohol, or as a result of practices that breach human rights, cause serious environmental damage or assist in the financing of armed conflicts.

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