Meet our Youth Activists for 2024

Our 2024 Youth Activists are dedicated, enthusiastic individuals who are passionate about a fairer world for children and girls. Let’s meet them.

Meet our YAS 2024

Meet our Youth Activists for 2024

Abreshmi (she/her)

Abreshmi is currently studying a Bachelor of International Relations, majoring in Asia-Pacific International Relations and minoring in Peace and Conflict Studies. She is an international student from Bangladesh who has been highly involved in advocacy for the Black, Indigenous, and people of colour community at ANU.

In Bangladesh, she runs her own not-for-profit organisation, Foundation 21, which fights period poverty, works towards improving menstrual hygiene management and spreads awareness. She also founded a social media platform called Talk Period, Bangladesh which aims to break taboos surrounding conversations related to menstruation.

As a hobby, Abreshmi does digital art and has used it to advocate for different causes. She looks forward to working as a YAS in 2024 and using the intersections between climate and gender justice through creative means, to produce impactful campaigns.

Meet our Youth Activists for 2024

Aish (she/her)

Aish is a passionate social justice activist currently living on Gadigal-Wangal country. She has previously worked as a digital and policy advisor in Parliament on issues including Blak Deaths in Custody, the closure of child prisons, and the banning of engineered stone.

Aish has worked to achieve the Federal and State protection of sacred Aboriginal sites from mining destruction and planning proposals. She is a keen creative, who is committed to storytelling as a format to humanise big issues and enact change.

Aish is currently undertaking a Juris Doctor and hopes to work in human rights and civil justice law.

Meet our Youth Activists for 2024

Anoop (she/her)

Anoop is currently studying a Bachelor of Advanced Business majoring in Analytics and Information Systems at the University of Queensland. She aims to combine her studies with her passion for social and environmental justice to create meaningful and lasting change.

She is an eager member of climate activism groups which strive for a climate movement rooted in justice, such as the Australian Youth Climate Coalition’s People of Colour Climate Network. She has also recently become a facilitator for the UN Youth and is keen to educate and empower young people to act on global issues.

Inspired by her lived experience as a first generation Australian, she is dedicated to creating a more equitable future for all through her activism.

Meet our Youth Activists for 2024

Eezu (she/her)

Eezu is a climate activist, start-up operator and theatre-maker. By day, she works in the climate-tech space in decarbonisation and has helped teams to restore nature. By night, she writes and directs plays to share stories that connect us.

She runs a grassroots climate action community on Gadigal land (@climatewriters) where she brings people together to write letters to politicians every month. Her climate advocacy work has been recognised as a national recipient of the Edna Ryan Award in Community Activism.

Overall, she is passionate about forging a more sustainable, equitable and inclusive world.

Meet our Youth Activists for 2024

Fatima (she/her)

Fatima is an emerging advocate who has previously worked with Raise Our Voice Australia, United Nations Youth, and Amnesty International Australia.

She recently completed an internship with the UWA Public Policy Institute and is eager to continue exploring the transformative capacity of policy, research, and advocacy. She is particularly interested in health policy, having completed a Minor in Women’s Health from UWA and a Global Health Fellowship with Results Australia.

Fatima is looking forward to working alongside the 2024 YAS to create meaningful impacts, while building her campaign skills and understanding of gender justice.

Meet our Youth Activists for 2024

Kupakwashe (she/her)

Kupakwashe is an award-winning human rights activist, social entrepreneur and intersectional feminist. Much of Kupa’s work focuses on the nexus of youth empowerment, gender equality, justice reform and climate change.

Kupakwashe currently works as a policy and research officer at the Australian Human Rights Commission. Using her experience in community, Kupakwashe advises the NSW Department of Home Affairs on issues affecting African youth and those from migrant and refugee backgrounds.

She is also part of the Global Youth Committee at the Global Institute for Women’s Leadership which was established by Julia Gillard. Previously, Kupakwashe was a youth ambassador for Save The Children where she co-authored a youth manifesto for change that detailed the demands of young people to the Government. Kupakwashe went on to be a youth worker in areas hit hardest by the 2020 bushfires and floods. She empowered young people with the skills needed to be politically active and have a say in the rebuilding of their communities during and post climate emergencies.

In 2023, she represented Australian youth at COP28 and advocated for greater youth inclusion in negotiations. As Australia’s second-ever Freya Phillips National Scholar, Kupakwashe took community learnings and turned them into a policy paper and was part of the 2022 delegation to the United Nations Convention on the Status of Women.

Kupakwashe has a degree in politics, philosophy and economics. She primarily studied at UNSW and completed her specialisation in international relations at Oxford University. Kupakwashe is passionate about all things youth empowerment and seeks to enhance political participation amongst young people in Australia.

Meet our Youth Activists for 2024

Lena (she/her)

Lena is an inspiring advocate for youth empowerment, cultural diversity, and social change. A dedicated student currently navigating her final year of high school bringing with her a wealth of experience and dedication to making a difference in our community.

Lena has also served as a delegate at several international conferences as an international peace ambassador, representing her community on a global stage and advocating for peace and understanding among diverse cultures and nations. As a passionate advocate for global issues, she has been deeply involved in various initiatives promoting peace and harmony, gender equality, and youth empowerment.

Founder of Strive Connecting, a youth-led organization breaking down barriers and fostering cultural understanding, she is committed to cultivating unity through diversity. Lena has left an indelible mark as a leader in several impactful projects. From serving on youth councils and parliamentary representation to spearheading climate action initiatives, Lena has consistently demonstrated an unwavering commitment to effecting positive change.

Beyond her numerous achievements, Lena has been a relentless force in advocating for gender equality and social justice. Lena was recently awarded the Youth Citizen of the Year for her incredible work in regional communities contributing to Queensland.

Raised in the Middle East, her personal experiences have fueled her dedication to support women’s rights and provide opportunities for those facing adversity. Lena embodies resilience, determination, and a profound commitment to making a meaningful difference in the world.

Meet our Youth Activists for 2024

Pranjali (she/her)

Pranjali is a journalist, SBS News video presenter and youth and gender equality advocate passionate about creating safe and empowering spaces for young people. She uses her many platforms to drive conversations for change and challenge systemic barriers, especially those faced by young people with diverse backgrounds and lived experiences.

A committed advocate against gender-based violence, Pranjali has worked across various newsrooms, government bodies and not-for-profits where she has supported organisations to speak to young people, not at them. She has previously reported on ABC News, served as a Media Advisor for the Victorian Government across prevention of family violence, women’s affairs, child protection and youth portfolios, and is currently a Youth Congress Member, advising the Victorian government on priority youth policy issues, including education, employment, digital engagement and health.

Born in India, Pranjali is a proud South Asian woman who now lives and works on the lands of the Wurundjeri people in Naarm.

Meet our Youth Activists for 2024

Remi (they/he)

Remi is a second year university student studying a Bachelor of Politics, Philosophy & Economics and a Bachelor of International Relations.

As a non-binary person, they are passionate about LGBTQIA+ rights, with a particular interest in advocating for the rights of trans and gender diverse people.

Alongside this, they are passionate about climate justice, having previously volunteered with various climate justice organisations and movements.

Remi is thrilled to be a Youth Activist for 2024. They are keen to work with fellow young people to have a positive and tangible impact in the social justice space, and they hope to further develop the skills and tools to become an effective and knowledgeable advocate for the issues they care about.

In their free time, Remi likes to read, listen to music and cook.

Meet our Youth Activists for 2024

Ruby (she/her)

Ruby is a fourth-year Bachelor of Laws (Honours) and Bachelor of Arts student majoring in Human Rights, living on Ngunnawal and Ngambri country.

Her experience as a woman of colour from a small rural NSW town, coupled with her being the elder sister of someone with intellectual disabilities, has driven her advocacy efforts, which focus on preventing violence and abuse towards women, girls and gender-diverse people.

In 2023, she was selected to write and present a 5,000 paper at the Australian Law Student’s Association National Paper Presentation Competition, for which she was a semi-finalist.

As the Vice President of Competitions of the Australian National University Law Society, she strives to increase diversity and equity in domestic and international competitions.

When she has a spare moment, she enjoys a good yarn with mates and family, drawing, writing, and a hearty Asian noodle soup.

Meet our Youth Activists for 2024

Tegan (she/her)

Tegan is a PhD student at the ANU studying Australia’s environment. She is passionate about engaging youth in their education to better prepare them for their futures.

She is the founder of the ANU Women* in STEM Leadership Conference and board director for IncludeHer.

Tegan is excited to work on campaigns focused on climate and gender justice and how increased access to and equity in education is essential to influencing these issues.

Meet our Youth Activists for 2024

Yashashwi (she/her)

Yashashwi is originally from Nepal but currently living, learning and working in Melbourne on Wurundjeri Woi-wurrung land. Her roots for advocacy and activism are embedded deep within the struggles that comes with being a woman of colour.

Being bought up in a system built on patriarchal norms, Yashashwi is passionate about human rights, climate change and gender equality. She looks forward to translating her personal encounters with misogyny and discrimination into stepping stones towards change.

Yashashwi is excited to be working with passionate individuals and to hear, learn and change alongside amazing  people throughout her journey with YAS.