How Giving To Us Works

Where our support comes from and how funds are spent

Through your support, we’re able to increase the value of our work. And this means we can create an even bigger impact. And the closer we get to achieving our mission of an equal world for all children.

Where our support comes from

We receive most of our funding from generous donors through one-off donations, regular donations through our Change for Girls program, child sponsorships and bequests.

We also receive funding from a diverse group of bilateral and multilateral development agencies, trusts, foundations and corporations and the Australian Government.

Donations offer us the ability to create a match pool, which we can use to leverage additional funds from institutional donors including the Australian Government. The Australian Government NGO Cooperation Program managed through the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade specifically requires match funding to enhance the impact of the program.

Making your donations go further

The combination of child sponsorship and other giving means we can leverage any donation you make, to amplify the impact into child sponsored communities. Learn more about how we use donations in our latest impact report.

How funds are spent

In everything we do, we are committed to efficiency, transparency, and to maximising the impact of every generous donation that we receive.    

of our funding goes towards our programs and community-education work.
goes to fundraising to help grow and maintain our programs
goes to accountability and administration so our experts and teams are able to continue our life-changing work.

How child sponsorship works

Plan International’s unique child sponsorship model means we support children, young people and entire communities to drive their own change at local, national and global levels. We elevate the voices of girls, who are often excluded from decision-making, and make sure their unique needs are considered when responding to crises.

Our child sponsorship program reduces inequality by addressing the unique needs of children in each community, be it helping children go to school, access clean water, or eat wholesome and healthy good. We’re also working with communities to address the barriers to gender equality that limit a girl’s potential.

Plan International is non-religious and non-political and accepts all children and communities into its child sponsorship program, regardless of their sex, race, political persuasion or religion. Poverty does not discriminate, so neither do we.

Meeting the sponsorship promise is our highest priority, and we are proud of the impact of child sponsorship for children and their communities. A portion of sponsorship funds are also used to support extremely vulnerable children in places where sponsorship isn’t possible, such as conflict and fragile settings, urban areas and the Pacific. Overall, almost 80 cents in every dollar goes towards our programs and impact for children.

Supporting children, supporting communities

Child sponsorships are applied to life-changing projects in the sponsored child’s community to the benefit everyone in that community. These projects make it possible for all children in that same community to access their basic rights, to go to school, access clean water, or eat wholesome and healthy food. Child sponsorship at Plan International is non-religious, and open to children of all ethnicities and faiths.

Communities are selected to participate in the child sponsorship program based on critical measures set by the United Nations. Communities can also nominate families to take part in the program, with the most disadvantaged families selected and encouraged to participate.

Using this model, child sponsorship does not just benefit one child, or even just one family; it has the scope to benefit entire communities and reduces inequality in the long-term.

Investing in quality assurance and for the future

To make sure we can sustain and grow our programs, we spend funds on attracting new supporters to ultimately grow our community. To do this, we invest in highly trained, properly remunerated, fully available teams to achieve fundraising results – something that we cannot achieve with unpaid volunteers.

Our team work carefully to retain existing donors, many of whom have supported Plan International Australia for multiple years, and who will continue their legacy by leaving a bequest.

Another vital commitment to administration costs is the continuation of our incredibly important child safe-guarding procedures, and that our financial practices are robust and meet the high compliance standards set by the Code of Conduct of ACFID, the peak body and the strict requirements of the Australian Government through DFAT.

There are many ways that you can support the children and the families we work with, especially to support girls to access their rights. You can become a member of our regular-giving program, Change For Girls, you could become a Plan International Australia Child Sponsor, make a one-off donation, or simply sign up to join our incredible community.

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