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Opinion Piece - 5 May 2021

Actually Prime Minister, this virus is very political.

To hear Prime Minister Scott Morrison say this week that the pandemic has “nothing to do with politics” was strange, I thought. Politics, at its best, is about holding society together and playing a meaningful role in the world. What could be more political than a global crisis?

Opinion Piece - 1 April 2021

Parliament House Canberra: Toxic culture must end now

Girls in Australia should be growing up believing anything is possible, not being forced to choose between their leadership aspirations or their own safety working in parliament.

But, sadly, after a spate of reports of sexual misconduct in our national parliament, women are increasingly disinterested in pursuing political careers.

Opinion Piece - 17 March 2021

Let’s look beyond our own borders to help lift girls’ education

As Australia emerges from the worst impacts of COVID-19 and our lives start to return to some semblance of normality, it’s vital we keep the devastating impacts of the virus on others in our region at the top of our minds – especially girls wishing to finish their education.

Opinion Piece - 25 February 2021

Let’s show young people generational solidarity by acting on climate change

It was the images that flashed across our screens for those long, terrible weeks of the Australian bushfires last summer that became a tipping point for me. Pictures of kids in boats, wildlife destroyed en-masse and birds falling from the sky, of entire ecosystems made uninhabitable. Of course, I had been acutely aware of climate change up until then.

Opinion Piece - 2 December 2020

Why social media companies need to act now to address gendered online violence

As we approach the holiday season, one thing we can be certain of is that (between visits to the beach) most of us will remain online through the summer months, as will most Australian children. That’s why now is the time to be talking about online harassment and violence – because social media has become the new frontier of gendered abuse.

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