Girls Education & Empowerment Fund

The Girls Education and Empowerment Fund (GEEFund) is a multi-year giving initiative that super-charges your support to tackle the barriers that prevent girls from receiving an education.

$<strong>2,300,000 </strong> pledged
$2,301,080 pledged
 $<strong>8,250,367</strong> more unlocked
$8,250,367 more unlocked
<strong>306,186</strong> girls and families impacted
306,186 girls & families impacted

Education is the key to unlocking a better, more equal world

130 million girls are being denied an education

20 million more girls will lose their access to education forever because of COVID-19

Education is the key to unlocking a better and more equal world, meaning that investing in girls’ education has the potential to transform the future.

The Girls Education & Empowerment Fund (GEEFund) is not a short-term fix. In order to achieve long-term change, we need a long-term plan. This is why GEEFund is designed to empower an entire generation of girls to finish school, pursue the life she wants, and own the decisions that will shape her future. With your help, we can create lasting change for all. A better now for her is a better future for everyone.

Join a growing community of committed pledgers in creating lasting change for girls. Your five-year pledge of $5,000/year will be leveraged to unlock multimillion dollar grants from powerful institutions.

Contact our Philanthropy team, Steffi Chang and Zachary Fletcher, today to find out how you can transform the girls’ lives through the gift of education.

What makes the Girls Education and Empowerment fund special is our approach. We address all the barriers that prevent girls from accessing and completing a quality education so that they are empowered to pursue lives of their choosing.
Barrier 1 Stunted Early Childhood Development. Barrier 2 Poor access to clean water and sanitation. Barrier 3 gender-based violence and child marriage
Barrier 4 lack of sexual and reproductive health rights. Barrier 5 poverty and economic hardship. Barrier 6 crises and emergencies

Investing in girls’ education is life-changing for girls themselves – but the ripple effect it can have for entire communities and countries is truly transformative for the whole world.

Educating girls leads to:

  • multi-generational change
  • improved economic outcomes and employment opportunities
  • more children surviving infancy and growing up healthy
  • stopping child marriage and reducing early pregnancy
  • mitigating climate change.

In 2003, UN Secretary General Kofi Annan declared that “to educate girls is to reduce poverty.” We now know that an educated girl is more likely to invest in herself, her health, her family and her community, which translates to more money invested in economies.

When girls can get an education, manage their health, live free from violence, and pursue their dreams, they can take their rightful place as equals. Investing in girls is the most effective way to bring about positive change for everyone.

Graphic showing the difference you make when you remove the roadblocks in a girl's path to power, freedom and equality
Since COVID-19 hit in 2020, the scale of global school closures was unprecedented. The impact of this is still being felt today.

More than 20 million girls are expected to lose access to their education permanently following the COVID-19 pandemic. That’s in addition to the 130 million girls already missing out on an education.

Not only are these girls being denied the education they need to create a life they want, they’re being denied crucial support services that help protect them from gender-based violence, child marriage and the loss of their reproductive rights.

Because of the setback in girls’ education, the next decade could see:
  • 31 million more cases of gender-based violence
  • 13 million more cases of child marriage
  • 7 million more cases of unintended pregnancy
  • 2 million more cases of female genital mutilation (FGM).

Unless we act now, and protect girls access to education.

The Fund pools your contributions with other donors to leverage more funding from Plan International’s institutional partners – effectively multiplying your impact, turning $1 into $2 (or more). In order to achieve long-term change, we need a long-term plan. That’s why we ask GEEFund supporters to commit to multi-year pledge of a meaningful amount for five years. This investment is then used to leverage further funding in the form of multi-year grants from our institutional partners, including but not limited to:

  • United Nations Development Program
  • World Food Program
  • Asia Development Bank
  • Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

The Fund isn’t a short-term fix – it’s a giving initiative designed to support an entire generation of girls to finish school, choose their own futures, and transform the lives of generations to come.

Graphic showing how your investment is multiplied 2 times or more by combining your pledge with money from UNDP, World Food Program and Australian Aid  



How can I get involved?

Every girl has the right to go to school, pursue the life she wants, and own the decisions that will shape her future. Only then can we achieve lasting change for all.

If you would like to be part of making this a reality, please contact our Philanthropy Team, Steffi Chang and Zachary Fletcher, by emailing [email protected] or fill out the form below.