International Day of the Girl

11 October

In 2022, we celebrated 10 years of The International Day of the Girl.


10 years of amplifying rights of girls world over. 10 years of supporting those in most need. 10 years of striving towards equality for all.


Plan International has been there from day one, championing the way. Because we believe a world where all people are equal is possible in our lifetime!


While we celebrate the huge strides that have been taken, we can’t ignore the fact that millions of girls are still denied an education, that girls will be forced into child marriage, that abuse continues to invade the lives of girls globally.

Girls here at home and abroad need their voice heard, their needs recognised, and their rights protected – no matter what!

Will you join us?

Will you raise your voice and join a movement of people advocating for- and with­ girls all over the world?

By joining the movement, you will be equipped to use your voice and your platform to amplify the needs and rights of girls globally.

You will receive resources to expand your understanding of the issues and practical ways you can advocate for change.

Together, we can advance equality for girls in our lifetime!

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Advancing equality in our lifetime

Why Gender Equality?

Gender equality is a core human right that affects all people. When a society strives towards gender equality, it creates the conditions for all people to thrive as they access equal rights, opportunities and responsibilities.

Ultimately, gender equality is a precondition to sustainable development, peace and security. Countries with higher levels of gender equality, have higher rates of good health, are more prosperous and safer.

Advances in gender equality can provide opportunities that were previously only enjoyed by men, it can drive changes in consent, make public and private spaces safer and create more respectful learning and work environments.

Will you stand with us, and with girls around the world? Add your name or join Change for Girls.

Our research

Girl, Interrupted – 10 years of girls’ rights in Australia

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Equal Power Now – The State of the World’s Girls

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