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In everything we do, we are informed by evidence, and always learning. We collaborate with partners to develop research that informs our programmatic work and gives credibility to our broader advocacy and influencing goals.
11th October 2021

Represent Us! How diverse role models can transform girls’ lives

Plan International Australia’s ‘Represent Us! How diverse role models can transform girls’ lives’ report surveyed 525 Australian girls and young women aged 16 – 25 and found that the emergence of online spaces has been a game-changer for girls to find and connect with role models who reflect their own identities –particularly in the wake of Covid-19.

Report cover: The Truth Gap
Online Safety - 4th October 2021

The Truth Gap

Misinformation and disinformation online is a human rights issue: affecting girls’
rights to participation, to education and to freedom of expression. As girls and young
women struggle to disentangle truth from fiction, facts from propaganda, their trust in
all sources of information — governments, academics, journalists, community leaders
— is undermined.

The Future Online Report Cover
COVID-19 - 10th September 2021

The Future Online

Young people around the world, particularly girls and gender-diverse folks, are physically threatened, racially abused, sexually harassed and body shamed online and it gets worse when they raise their voices and share their opinions. Online violence and harassment is serious, it causes real harm and it’s silencing young people in a space where they should be free to be online.

How different would the world be if we all took action against online gender-based violence and harassment when we see it?

20th July 2021

SURVEY REPORT: Reimagining climate education and youth leadership

Climate change is a social, intergenerational, gender, and racial injustice. Plan International aims to support children and youth to meaningfully and safely engage in climate policy processes and to reduce the barriers preventing them from engaging in and influencing climate policy and advocacy.

Periods in a Pandemic: One Year On report cover
COVID-19 - 27th May 2021

Periods in a Pandemic: One Year On

Periods don’t stop during a pandemic. For millions of people in the countries where Plan International operates, privately and safely managing menstruation and addressing the taboo and stigma associated with it is vital to ensuring their human rights, health and dignity.

Time to Act! Let’s Go Digital! Report Cover
Protection - 25th May 2021

Time to Act! Let’s Go Digital!

Plan International’s research Time To Act: Let’s Go Digital reveals the benefits of using digital technologies in efforts to eliminate CEFM, particularly in terms of reaching a large number of people at once. The research report also offers key information about more than 40 existing digital technologies and applications with a high potential to prevent and end child marriage.

Halting Lives 2 report cover
COVID-19 - 10th May 2021

Halting Lives 2: In their own voice

COVID-19 is having an effect on all sectors of society across the world. But its impact does not fall equally: the virus itself does not discriminate between rich and poor, young and old, male and female but it does take advantage of pre-existing inequalities which over the last year have come sharply into focus.

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