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Dido’s children don’t play anymore. They don’t have the energy for it.

A devastating drought destroyed the family’s life as farmers. Now they live in a camp for internally displaced people where their one meal a day is a thin mixture of water, corn flour and salt.

The children are weak with hunger and grow sick from malnutrition. Dido wants to give them a better life but right now she doesn’t know where their next meal will come from.

Without urgent help, her children’s futures, and their very lives, are at risk.

Please donate to help bring urgently-needed food and medical care to children like Dido’s.

Your support could help:

  • save lives by delivering nutritious food parcels and cash vouchers to hungry children and families.
  • keep girls safe in school by providing a nutritious meal for students and rations to take home.
  • empower families to grow their own food in changing climates by providing tools, special seeds, and farming education.

Please help feed a hungry child today so they have a chance at a better future tomorrow. Donate now.

Provide urgently-needed food and medical care

The scale of the global hunger crisis is devastating.

  • 10,000 children are dying of hunger every single day.
  • Around 45 million children under the age of five suffer from wasting, the deadliest form of malnutrition.
  • Of the 690 million people who are food insecure in the world today, around 414 million are women and girls.

When there isn’t enough food, women and girls suffer the most.

Millions and girls are having their rights and opportunities torn from their grasp because of food shortages.

When food is scarce, families are forced to make heartbreaking decisions about which of their children will eat. Boys are often given preferential treatment leaving women and girls to eat least and eat last.

In many of the places Plan International works, girls are pulled from school to find food and water. The climate crisis is making it harder to find supplies and they no longer have time to go to school.

The global hunger crisis is forcing some families to extreme measures to save their children’s lives. Sometimes the only solution they can see is one less mouth to feed and girls are forced into early marriage.

As women and children spend more time away from their homes searching for supplies, their risk of experiencing sexual violence increases. And when faced with severe food shortages, women and girls can feel compelled to exchange sex for food.

Hunger steals so much from children. Their health, their education, their chance at a better future, and sometimes even their lives.

The causes of the global hunger crisis are complex. But for a hungry child, the solution is simple. Your gift could help nourish children like Dido’s all over the world today, so they can pursue education, equality, and a better world tomorrow.


Feed a hungry child today

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