Publication - 4 December 2023

For Our Futures: Youth Voices on Climate Justice and Education

The climate crisis is not gender neutral. It is impacting girls first and worst, particularly in the poorest countries which are the least responsible for climate change. Internationally, there is a growing body of evidence around how climate
change is impacting girls and their education. In the next two years, it is predicted that more than 12.5 million girls may be prevented from completing their schooling each year, because of climate change. However, investing in girls’
education is one of the most powerful, and often overlooked, solutions to improving a country’s climate resilience.

For Our Futures: Youth Voices on Climate Justice and Education engaged 30 young change makers across Australia, Indonesia and Nepal using a Feminist Participatory Action Approach to co-research the impact of climate change on girls’ right to an education. The Youth Activists involved in For Our Futures have co-designed a powerful set of recommendations that challenge duty bearers to step up to deliver and protect their right to an education.

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