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In everything we do, we are informed by evidence, and always learning. We collaborate with partners to develop research that informs our programmatic work and gives credibility to our broader advocacy and influencing goals.
Online safety in the Pacific report cover
Protection - 15th October 2020

Online Safety in the Pacific

With cable internet systems rolling out across the Pacific, access to affordable and fast digital connectivity in the region is set to rapidly expand, opening up unprecedented opportunities for children but also potentially exposing them to new risks of harm.

Girls’ Rights in Climate Strategies
Gender Equality - 11th December 2019

Girls’ Rights in Climate Strategies

The social and regional impacts of climate change are not distributed equally or evenly. Instead, inequality – whether economic, social, or gender-based – increases vulnerability. This particularly impacts girls. Girls are powerful agents of change, yet their rights and their potential to combat the climate crisis are not being considered by governments in global climate strategies.

Adolescent Girls in Crisis: Voices from South Sudan
Gender Based Violence - 29th May 2018

Adolescent Girls in Crisis: Voices from South Sudan

Conflict in South Sudan has displaced four million people and left girls in particular at risk. This report explores how adolescent girls understand and respond to the unique impact their country’s crisis has upon them. It draws on research conducted with girls and members of their families and communities in South Sudan and Uganda.

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