Media Centre - Media release - 2 November 2020

Plan International Responds To Vietnam Flood And Typhoon Disaster

Plan Internatinoal staff member carrying relief aid over makeshift bamboo bridge in Quang Tri province

In the wake of worsening flood and the onset of typhoon Molave in the central regions of Vietnam, Plan International is working with local partners to distribute essential supplies to thousands of households.

Thousands of homes have been submerged in some of Vietnam’s most severe floods in decades, now compounded by the onset of Typhoon Molave, which hit Central Vietnam on Wednesday causing landslides in the remote central districts.

Weeks of flooding and landslides in central Vietnam has displaced more than 90,000 people, resulted in hundreds of casualties, and destroyed thousands of hectares of crops and swept away livestock. An estimated 272,992 thousand homes had been destroyed as of October 25th and 362 schools significantly damaged.

Compounding the damage from floods, Typhoon Molave – one strongest storms to hit Vietnam in 20 years – has reportedly buried 13 families and resulted in over 50 feared deaths.

Plan International is working responding in Vietnam focussing on delivering immediate, life-saving assistance to those in the most urgent need, with a focus on ensuring children affected by the crisis are protected.

This support includes delivering food, soap and sanitary pads to children and families, and working to ensure that all children and their families are able to access accurate information about their situation and the humanitarian response.

Plan International has been operating in Vietnam for 27 years and has well established links with youth groups and local communities. In many cases, these young people were the first responders as volunteers in areas that were most hard hit. They were able to share digital footage that showed the extent of the crisis which has helped us in reaching out to our donors and supporters as fast as possible.

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