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Plan International Australia supports First Nations Voice to Parliament

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Plan International Australia are proud to say ‘Yes’ to a First Nations Voice to Parliament.

In reaching this decision, we have reflected deeply on our values and our commitment to reconciliation.

Every day, Plan International Australia stands up for children and young people to have their voice heard on matters that affect them. It is a cornerstone of our programs, and a principle we advocate to governments and partners worldwide.

We also know from our work in communities around the world, that positive change is only possible when policies and decisions respect local knowledge, history and culture.

We stand up for these principles in 80 countries worldwide. We do this because it is every child’s right, and because we know it is the only way to create real, lasting change.

To us, ‘Yes’ means upholding this fundamental right here at home, too.

First Nations children deserve better than to be over-represented in poor health and incarceration statistics – and First Nations people have the solutions and know what their communities need.

As the Uluru Statement from the Heart says, ‘When we have power over our destiny, our children will flourish’.

We respect that there are many different opinions on the Voice, particularly among First Nations people, but we are guided by the extensive dialogue and First Nations leadership enshrined in the Uluru Statement from the Heart. We share its belief that change must be grounded in love for children, hope for the future and the right to self-determination.

We remain committed to listening and learning when it comes to First Nations matters in Australia. We are not the experts and we do not seek to be the ones driving a change agenda; rather, we stand as allies beside our First Nations partners, friends and all those who are shaping a better future.

This is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to progress the rights of First Nations peoples in our country. We are thankful that First Nations peoples have so generously invited us all to walk side-by-side in this step towards reconciliation, and we hope that Australia will take up this invitation with a resounding ‘Yes’ and push forward our nation’s work on equality and healing.

‘Yes’ to a First Nations Voice to Parliament. ‘Yes’ to a defining moment in history. ‘Yes’ to a better future for all children.

How you can help

You can support the referendum by having respectful conversations with your friends and family about why it’s so important that Australians write “Yes”.

Here is a guide developed by First Nations activists (PDF 1MB) that you can use for those conversations with the people in your life.

Learn more about the referendum.

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