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Plan International Australia statement on the devastating Australian bushfires


This summer, as an unprecedented disaster continues to rage across our nation, all of us at Plan International express our profound sadness for the untold losses that so many Australians have and will still suffer.

We stand in solidarity with all the people and creatures affected by this tragedy and give heartfelt thanks to our first responders who are exemplifying the Australian spirit of tenacity and pure will.

These terrible times will test all of us, but as we always have, Australians will unite in our grief and we will roll up our sleeves and pitch in to help those who are suffering.

The kindness and generosity of the Australian people who are raising money, providing food, offering their homes and caring for our wildlife is comforting and a reminder that our nation’s beating heart is powered by a deep sense of love we all hold for our people, the natural world and for our communities.

Australia has always been ready and willing to assist other countries in crisis and we do this every day through our overseas development program, in emergencies and in long term crises too. At Plan International, we see the kindness of everyday Australians through our incredible supporters, who give selflessly to support children and communities in need around the world. We now see that kindness being repaid, as nations send fire-fighters to assist in the battle and so many around the world donate and hold us in their thoughts.

Today, laid bare in front of us, are the very real and devastating impacts of climate change. We owe it to the next generation to work together across all sides of the political spectrum and at all levels of society to recognise the very real risk that climate change poses to our precious nation and to the future our children will inherit.

The time for debate is over. It’s now time for action. Our leaders must do all in their power to address this terrible new climate reality and mitigate the dangers to come.

What’s unfolding is frightening. It’s unprecedented. It at times seems too much to bear. But in times of crisis, the best of humanity emerges. Thank you to everyone who is stepping up to assist, we have you in our thoughts and in our hearts.

In our experience in humanitarian crises, in the immediate aftermath, access to funds is important. We urge all Australians to give money if they are in a financial position to do so, so that people can reclaim some control over their situation and local economies can benefit. For those wishing to make a donation, please donate to the Red Cross Bushfire Appeal or the Salvation Army appeal. 

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