Meet our Youth Activists for 2021

Our Youth Activists are a force to be reckoned with.

They are dedicated, enthusiastic individuals who are passionate about a fairer world for children and girls. They receive intensive training in gender equality literacy, advocacy and government relations, media and public speaking, communications and content collection, and then go out into the world and tackle inequality head on.

They are fearless, powerful and feminist.

Meet the Team



Born in Melbourne, Harleen is 16 and currently in year 11 striving to empower youth to find their voice and speak out on things that matter. She has a passion to see and live in a more equitable world, where diversity is celebrated and cherished. Her great investments within politics, human rights issues, and intersectional feminism, has pushed her to further see the underlying need for change that she hopes to make with Plan International Australia.

Harleen works within her local council, tackling issues such as climate change, and within her community, she’s developed a program to aid marginalised groups to speak out against mistreatment, alongside her likeminded and amazing friends. Harleen also hopes to enforce more representation of women in leadership as well as women in STEM. In her spare time, Harleen’s probably doing maths homework or often drinking Kombucha, whilst simultaneously endlessly scrolling through Tik-Tok.



Margaret is a Greek-Australian artist and activist, who mainly works in theatre and film as a director, actor and writer. She is a proud intersectional feminist who is deeply passionate about telling stories that put women at the forefront. Margaret works in pursuit of genuinely feminist stories in her art, exploring controversial issues such as pornography, abortion rights and sexual harassment.


Margaret is also a recent graduate of the Bachelor of Arts – Theatre and Performance Studies and Film Studies from the University of Sydney and in her spare time, she loves to write poems, watch movies and have a boogie on the dance floor. She has also been described as ‘the Most Taurus Taurus that ever lived’. Margaret is so excited to be working with Plan International Australia this year, and is keen to focus on ending online violence and harassment, child marriage and strengthening abortion rights across the globe.

Will you join the movement fighting for girls’ rights?