Donate to children in South Sudan

Becoming a Plan International supporter is one of the easiest ways to improve the lives of all children in South Sudan and to make sure girls have access to equal opportunities.


By joining our Change for Girls program, you can help girls take their rightful place as equals and support all children to unleash their full potential.


You help tackle the root causes of discrimination, exclusion and vulnerability, and support some of the world’s most vulnerable children to thrive.

Key Challenges for children in South Sudan


  • South Sudan is the world’s youngest country, gaining independence in 2011 after two decades of civil war. But war broke again in 2013, displacing millions, disrupting farming and blocking the supply of food and aid.
  • The combination of conflict, drought and economic collapse has led to severe food shortages. Children are facing extreme hunger every day.
  • Many children are already too malnourished to go to school or live a normal life.
  • More than half of the population are also living without access to safe water.

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