Publication - 6 June 2019

Taking The Lead

Girls are redefining what it means to be a leader and projecting powerful self-assurance about their own potential. Almost two thirds of the girls and young women who participated in this research told us they are confident in their ability to lead and three-quarters actively want to become leaders in their careers, communities or countries.

This is good news for the future. Countries that are led by women and are more gender equal have greater economic success, governments that are less corrupt and societies with a higher quality of life.

As they get older, girls start to be held back by the knowledge that women leaders have a hard time, by the lack of female role models, and by pervasive and deep-rooted sexism. They see the hard truth that only 18% of government ministerial positions worldwide are held by women and only 5% of Fortune 500 CEOs are women.

Yet, with Plan International’s new Girls’ Plan, we can start to turn things around. We have found a way forward for busting norms and stereotypes and addressing the root causes of what holds girls back. A holistic girls-led investment strategy that’s complete with costed, tested and scalable solutions for changing the future with and for millions of girls. It’s time now to make the vision of girls’ leadership into a global reality. Join us before it’s too late for the next generation of girls.

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