Publication - 28 May 2020

Periods in a Pandemic

On any single day during this health emergency, 800 million diverse women and girls are menstruating and grappling with the unique challenges of doing so in a global pandemic.

Periods don’t stop during a pandemic and for millions of people in the countries that Plan International works in privately and safely managing menstruation and addressing the taboo and stigma associated with it is critical to ensuring their human rights, health and dignity. As some countries emerge from the peak of the pandemic and restrictions on movement begin to ease, the challenge for millions of people who menstruate continues.

The gendered impacts of COVID-19 are being seen all over the world. Meeting the critical menstrual hygiene management needs of women and girls is central to an inclusive global response that promotes equality and social inclusion.

This report looks at how the current implications of COVID-19 are exacerbating key challenges for people who menstruate around the world and  provides recommendations on how to include menstrual hygiene management (MHM) within  a COVID-19 response.

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