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In everything we do, we are informed by evidence, and always learning. We collaborate with partners to develop research that informs our programmatic work and gives credibility to our broader advocacy and influencing goals.
Report cover: The Truth Gap
Online Safety - 4 October 2021

The Truth Gap

Misinformation and disinformation online is a human rights issue: affecting girls’ rights to participation, to education and to freedom of expression. As girls and young women struggle to disentangle truth from fiction, facts from propaganda, their trust in all sources of information — governments, academics, journalists, community leaders— is undermined.

Free to Be Online? Report cover
Gender Equality - 5 October 2020

Free to Be Online

This year’s Plan International’s annual State of the World’s Girls report is based on research conducted across 31 countries with over 14,000 girls and young women. It aims at uncovering and understanding girls’ and young women’s experiences of being online on social media platforms.

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