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In everything we do, we are informed by evidence, and always learning. We collaborate with partners to develop research that informs our programmatic work and gives credibility to our broader advocacy and influencing goals.
Beyond Hunger report cover
Humanitarian - 27 January 2023

Beyond Hunger: the gendered impacts of the Global Hunger Crisis

The causes and consequences of food insecurity are closely entwined with gender. This report presents new evidence on the gendered impacts of the current global hunger crisis from eight of the countries most affected: Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, South Sudan, Mali, Burkina Faso, Niger and Haiti.

Cover of It's Not Really Safe For Us Girls report
Gender Based Violence - 30 October 2020

“It’s Not Really Safe For Us Girls”

Plan International’s ‘It’s Not Really Safe For Us Girls’ report surveyed 236 girls in Honiara and found that the real and perceived risk of sexual harassment, both on the streets and in public transport, meant that only 7% of the girls surveyed said they “always felt safe in public.” This report outlines recommendations for how we can create safer, more equal cities for girls and women. 

Living Under Lockdown: Girls and COVID-19
COVID-19 - 10 May 2020

Living Under Lockdown: Girls and COVID 19

Our latest report, Living Under Lockdown: Girls and COVID-19 is a review of evidence into how emergencies and humanitarian crises affect girls differently and includes interviews with girls specifically impacted by COVID-19. Researchers found girls living in a COVID-19 world are more at risk of violence, exclusion and poverty, and face a greater risk of becoming infected with COVID-19.

Unseen Unsafe Case Studies
Gender Based Violence - 26 July 2019

Unseen, Unsafe: Case Studies

Despite changes to legislation and increased awareness raising programs to reduce violence against children, the day-to-day experiences of most children across the Pacific and Timor-Leste remains largely unchanged. This report, produced in collaboration with Save the Children Australia, ChildFund Australia and World Vision International, reveals the alarming rates of violence across the Pacific and Timor-Leste, and discusses interventions to end it.

Gender Equality - 8 July 2019

Free to Be: Sydney

The threat of sexual harassment with and without physical contact was the main issue identified in connection with bad pins. Over two-thirds of the comments on bad pins included sexual harassment of some kind and 63% of all the pins identified gender-based discrimination as a factor.

Gender Based Violence - 8 April 2019

Unsafe on the Streets: Girls’ and Young Women’s Experiences of Group Harassment

This report looks at street harassment perpetrated by groups of men and boys across five major cities. Why is street harassment by groups of men towards women often viewed as harmless, part of normal, permitted, male behaviour when in fact for girls and young women it can be frightening, restricting and undermining? In this new analysis of the original Free to Be data, girls and young women share their stories and reflect on their experiences.

Gender Based Violence - 8 July 2018

Unsafe in the City: Research Summary

In the course of this ground-breaking research, thousands of girls and young women have shared their stories of harassment and violence for the first time, providing a never-before seen glimpse of what they experience in their cities and the impact this has on their lives.

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