Hygiene for all

Hygiene for all

The hygiene kits keeping families safe in Indonesia

To help curb the spread of COVID-19 in Indonesia, Plan International has been distributing thousands of hygiene kits to the parents of sponsored children in East Nusa Tenggara Province.

Indonesia, the world’s fourth most populated country is facing a momentous challenge. With the rising numbers of confirmed cases of COVID-19, the country now has the highest fatality rate in Asia at between 8 and 9 per cent.

Plan International is also promoting good hygiene practices, distributing leaflets and posters and encouraging communities to wash their hands often and practice social distancing.

We spoke to some of our volunteers, mothers and children who are supporting and benefiting from our work.

Mama Yo is a community volunteer who is helping to distribute the hygiene kits.

Distribution of hygiene kits, Indonesia

“I have been a community volunteer since Plan International arrived in our village for the first time in 2004. Access to public spaces is limited and we are even afraid to go to the market to get groceries, so these hygiene kits are a very timely response to the coronavirus situation.

I have seen that the parents of sponsored children are all pleased to receive Plan’s support. They are very eager to come and receive their packages while following the correct guidance, such as wearing a mask, keeping their distance and washing their hands. Once they have filled out the receipt, they then receive health counselling on the prevention of COVID-19.

Afterwards, they can collect their hygiene packages and immediately return to their houses. During the distribution, we avoid large gatherings of over 10 people, in-line with the government’s advice. In our village, there is security patrol every few hours so that any community gathering is dispersed immediately.”

Mama Welhelmina is a mother who received one of the hygiene kits.

Hygiene kit received from Plan International

“I am thankful for the hygiene package. It is very useful for us here, since not many families can afford to buy sanitation kits. Especially since the virus has spread, it is even more difficult to go out to buy soap and other hygiene materials. The inclusion of a snakes and ladders game will be very beneficial for my children at home, I will allow them to play the game after they have finished their studies, so they can fill their playing time creatively.”

Erna received one of our snakes and ladders game which teaches children about hygiene while they play.

Our snakes and ladders game which teaches children about hygiene while they play

“The snakes and ladders game is really nice, we have played it already. Thank you very much for caring about us. We also practice the handwashing tips as suggested by Plan Indonesia’s staff. We now have a handwashing facility with soap which has been made using a repurposed jerry can.”

Mada is a mother who received one of the hygiene kits.

Mada teachers her children how to properly wash hands

“It is very helpful for us to wash our hands with soap, especially since a handwashing facility is already available in front of our house. The boardgame on sanitation is very interesting, it is more than a regular game of snakes and ladders. There is a lot of information about hygiene and sanitation for the community. This will help me and my friends in protecting ourselves and our children.”

Yusti, 15, received one of the snakes and ladders board games.

Yusti, 15, received one of the snakes and ladders board games

“Thank you for helping us by sharing the hygiene kit and the snakes and ladders board game. This game will be fun to play with my sister at home.”

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