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Child Sponsorship during COVID-19

Child Sponsorship during COVID-19

COVID-19 is the single greatest threat to children’s rights and equality for girls, in both its scale and its severity. That’s why every single one of Plan International’s programs is pivoting and adapting to meet the needs of the communities we work with at this time.

So what does this mean for your sponsor child?

Although the necessary restrictions to prevent the spread of COVID-19 have meant we are unable to deliver our usual sponsorship funded programs, the funds from these programs are being redirected to our COVID19 response, ensuring your sponsored child and their community continues to be supported through this time.

In the same way that our sponsorship model usually functions, rather than financial support going directly to a sponsored child, your contributions are combined with those of other caring sponsors and institutional donors, providing a steady stream of funding to all the countries and communities where Plan International works.

Your support also helps us to secure large grants from institutional donors to multiply your contribution and reach many more children, families, and communities.

How is Plan International responding to COVID-19?

Our COVID-19 response consists of a number of activities, all aimed at halting the spread of the virus and ensuring the health, safety, rights and wellbeing of children and their families are upheld.

Retaining a presence in the communities we already work, we’re raising awareness through the promotion of preventative health and hygiene information and training local health staff.

We’re providing hand washing kits and ensuring communities have access to clean water for optimum hygiene practices. We’re ensuring parents can feed their families by distributing food packages and cash grants.

We’re developing and sharing age and gender relevant resources around coping strategies and psychosocial support, as well as child protection materials to help raise awareness about the increased risks of domestic violence, gender based violence, and early forced marriage.

And together with Ministries of Education, we’re supporting the development of distance learning platforms, as well as school hygiene protocols for when classes resume. In the Asia Pacific region alone, more than 153,000 children have been engaged in distance learning.

These are just some examples of how we’re continuing to work in sponsorship communities during this global health emergency, and as a Plan International supporter, you are instrumental in delivering this vital work.

As always, thank you for standing with us. The work we are doing to protect children and their communities from COVID-19 wouldn’t be possible without you.

Woman reading COVID-19 leaflet
Woman reading COVID-19 leaflet produced by Plan International


Girl in Zambia demonstrating handwashing
Children discuss what they learnt about preventive measures, and are asked to demonstrate their new handwashing method.


Parents observe social distancing during food distribution in Zambia
Parents in Zambia observe the social distancing measures in place during food distribution


Putting up posters with information to stop the spread of COVID-19
Our local teams distributing posters and leaflets and providing soap to some of the most vulnerable households.

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