Sponsor A Child In Ecuador


We've been working in partnership with local communities in Ecuador since 1963, promoting children's rights and a championing for a better quality of life for children and their families.


More than 60% of people live in poverty in Ecuador, including more than three million children.
  • Violence in communities is widespread - around 70% of children are physically punished at home or in school.
  • In Ecuador, 31% of young women do not take secondary school graduation examinations - this figure reaches 44% in indigenous areas.
  • Almost a third of children suffer from stunted growth caused by malnutrition.
Children at the school vegetable garden Ecuador
Children looking after their school vegetable garden.
Jenny learning at school in Ecuador
Jenny learning at her school supported by Plan International.
Women in Ecuador learning how to sew
Women learning to sew through a Plan International women's enterprise project.


Education isn't just the right of every child - it can help them to escape poverty, access opportunities and enjoy an active role in their community.

Plan International is helping ensure all children have the chance of an education, by awarding scholarships to students who would otherwise miss out on school because their family could not afford to send them.

We are also helping make schools better and more inspiring places in which to learn. By providing furniture like desks,chairs and blackboards, and installing more hygienic toilet facilities, we are making sure schools are equipped with the basics to be able to effectively educate children.

With millions of families living in poverty, there's a real need to boost household incomes. We're tackling this in a number of ways, from providing financial education to supporting savings and loans groups, and entrepreneurial projects.