Sponsor A Child In Dominican Republic


We have been working in the Dominican Republic since 1987, helping children to access their rights to education, health and protection.


The Dominican Republic is situated on the Caribbean island of Hispaniola, which it shares with the Republic of Haiti.

It also shares high levels of poverty.

  • Gender-based violence is widespread - it is the fourth biggest cause of women's deaths.
  • Girls are vulnerable to child marriage - two in five are married by 18.
  • Many schools are over-crowded and lack well educated teachers - UNESCO ranks Dominican Republic as having the poorest quality of education in Latin America.
Adolescent girls in class Dominican Republic
Girls learning about domestic violence at a school supported by Plan International.
Earthquake drill in Dominican Republic school
School children participating in an earthquake evacuation drill.
Children at school in Dominican Republic
Children learning at a school supported by Plan International.


Violence against women is a daily reality in the Dominican Republic. Nearly one quarter of all women aged 14 to 49 have suffered physical abuse at the hands of their partners.

Plan International involves both boys and girls in a drive to end violence against girls and women.

Girls find out about their rights and how to find support if they're victims of violence. Boys talk about the issues and how they feel, and learn more about the girls' perspective too. We're helping raise awareness on a community level too, through workshops, posters and community protection networks, which help to ensure violence is detected, reported and followed up.

We're also working with children, families and communities to equip them with the tools they need to prepare for, and survive, natural disasters such as hurricanes, which regularly strike the island nation.