Sponsor A Child In Zimbabwe


We've been working in partnership with local communities in Zimbabwe since 1986 to promote the best interests of the country's children.


Zimbabwe has seen food shortages, poverty, high unemployment and political repression.

As a result the country faces enormous challenges in caring for its children.

  • Around 60% of the population do not have adequate sanitation facilities.
  • Many children die of preventable or treatable diseases - 39,000 each year don't live to see their fifth birthday.
  • Child marriage is widely accepted - nearly one in three girls are married by 18.
Zimbabwe boys study outside
Students study outside their classroom, at a school supported by Plan International.
Early childhood kids playing in Zimbabwe
Children play at a Plan International early learning centre.
A baby is weighed by Plan International healthcare workers at a 'secret' health clinic.

How we're helping

Children have the right to a healthy start in life so we're making sure more children have access to clean water, sanitation and regular nutritious meals. We're looking out for mothers too, helping women to give birth safely.

We believe in education for all so we're supporting more children to go to school and have all they need to learn.

To tackle poverty head on we're working with farmers to improve crop yields. We've also set up savings and loan schemes to fund small business and provide for vulnerable families in times of crisis.

Keeping children safe from harm is central to everything we do, from teaching communities how to prepare for natural disasters to combating child sex abuse.