Sponsor A Child In Togo


Togo is one of the world's poorest countries with 40% of the population living in absolute poverty. Since 1987 we've been working to improve the lives of the country's most vulnerable children.


Togo faces enormous challenges in caring for its children.
  • More than half the population in Togo are living in poverty.
  • In rural areas, 60% of people don't have access to safe drinking water.
  • Over a third of the population cannot read or write.
Children reading at Togo preschool
Children reading in an early learning centre supported by Plan International.
Togo child with mosquito nets
A girl carries mosquito nets for her family home.
Children collect water in Togo
A mother helps her children get drinking water from the new water supply.

How we're helping

Children have the right to a healthy childhood. We're providing access to clean water and sanitation, training midwives and birth attendants, and helping poor families afford medical care. We're supporting communities to prevent the spread of HIV and care for those affected by the virus.

We're improving teaching standards and promoting education for girls, who often miss out. Poverty can keep children out of school. To help families make ends meet we're setting up savings and loans groups, supporting vocational training and helping farmers improve crop yields.

Protecting children remains a priority – we're working to protect children from trafficking, promoting birth registration so children have recognised rights, and making sure children's voices are heard on issues that affect them.