1,000 days                                         to shape                                         the future.

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If we want to truly shape the future, we have 1,000 days to do it.

No child deserves to be malnourished.
Yet millions are at risk.

The first 1,000 days of life are critical to a childs survival - and physical and mental development. What happens during this unique period, determines to a large extent a childs future.

Safe drinking water, good sanitation, improved hygiene practices and nutrition in a childs first 1,000 days is key to their ability to physically grow, the development of their brain and their on-going health.

But there are countless children suffering from stunted growth - the profound, lifelong and irreversible consequence of inadequate nutrition and poor sanitation.

When babies don't receive adequate nutrition they become malnourished, children that simply fail to grow. Stunted girls then become stunted mothers who in turn often give birth to low-weight babies. The cycle of malnourishment and stunting continues through future generations, trapping them into a cycle of poverty, illness and limited potential.

You can help us to transform life for thousands of vulnerable infants by helping to provide safe drinking water, good sanitation and nutrition in a childs first 1,000 days.

Help make sure every child has the chance to reach their amazing potential, and create a brighter future for themselves and their families.

Your donation. Greater impact.

Through an Australian Government* grant,every dollar you donate will effectively have FIVE times the impact.

Help every child reach their potential.


1,000 days is all it takes.

Safe drinking water, good sanitation and adequate nutrition are life essentials everyone deserves.

But Vesna, one of our team members here at Plan International Australia, born in South – East Asia knows all too well the pain of childhood hunger.

“My mum didn’t receive enough food… she was not able to produce breast milk for me.”

Vesna’s mother simply didn't have any other choice than to give her daughter condensed milk – with almost no nutritional benefit and packed with sugar.

“…the condensed milk had branding with a picture of a baby on it… Many parents thought it was perfectly fine to feed babies that – as it was milk after all.”

You can see how far something as simple as nutrition education – and breastfeeding support – can go to protect a baby’s life.

As a baby subjected to poor nutrition, Vesna’s growth development was significantly impacted.

Vesna is not alone. In Laos nearly half of all children under 5, suffer from stunted growth.

You can change the story. You can help Plan International make a real difference in the life of a child during the first critical 1,000 days..

When given the right support every child has the chance to reach their amazing potential.

Please give a life-changing gift to protect a baby when it matters most – during their first 1,000 days of life.

Your donation in action – how you’re helping

Your gift will help give some of the worlds most disadvantaged with:

  • FOOD: We help pregnant mums access good nutritious food, with support to breastfeed when a baby is born.
  • CLEAN WATER: We ensure mums and dads use hygienic sanitation and hand washing so mum and baby stays healthy.
  • SAFE CHILDBIRTH: We're working to improve antenatal delivery and post-natal care for pregnant women.

  • Your donation will be life-changing. Thank you.