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At just 12 years old, ZamZam is struggling to hold onto her education.

Every day before class, she walks to fetch water, hungry, in the hot sun.

Around her, people are starving. Somalia is stricken with its worst drought in 40 years, and the UN is expected to declare a famine there for the second time in just over a decade.

For now, ZamZam is holding onto her dream of becoming a teacher.

But thousands of other girls like her have already been forced to drop out of school. It’s too expensive for their parents to keep them there, or they are needed at home to provide for the family.

You can help girls stay in school – and build better, more equal lives.

Sometimes we have breakfast, sometimes we don’t. When I arrive at school, I feel hungry. When I’m hungry I can’t study well.


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Christine Malibe is a Head Teacher just across the border from ZamZam in Kenya.

In one of her classes, the head count reads — Boys, 19. Girls, none.

I have a class with not one single girl. These girls are either married or at home.
  • Ms Malibe

It’s the girls who do household chores, tend animals, and fetch water each day.

Around the world, 130 million girls are denied their human right to education.

Your gift here now can help provide food, medication and school supplies to take the pressure off their families and support girls’ education.

Please donate today. Education means everything for girls like ZamZam.

This Christmas, your generosity can help a girl hold onto her education – and all that it brings.

School is often the safest space for girls

In regions hit by natural disasters, conflict and famine, your support will help keep girls safe from gender-based violence, forced marriage, female genital mutilation, and early pregnancy.

You can help her hold onto her dreams

For families living in poverty, removing girls from school is an impossible choice. By donating today, you can give them cash vouchers, food, and medicine, so their girls can go to school.

Because today’s girls are tomorrow’s future

When girls grow up educated, they control their own choices, and lift their families and communities out of poverty with them. Your kindness can help them change the world.