Publication - 5 August 2020

A Better Normal: Girls call for a revolutionary reset.

A ground-breaking , youth-led research involving more than 1,060 girls and young women from 99 countries has mapped out their visions of a better, more equitable and more peaceful post-pandemic world.

The resulting report, A Better Normal: Girls Call for a Revolutionary Reset, was presented to the United Nations General Assembly in September 2020 by girls from Australia and Vietnam.

Worldwide, the COVID-19 crisis has seen a stripping back of girls’ rights as millions face child marriage, an end to their education and as lockdowns continue, a sharp rise in violence and teen pregnancy.

Despite the vast humanitarian challenge the pandemic has brought, girls remain optimistic to use the ‘global pause’ as a moment to create real, lasting and profound change on a number of fronts.

The entirely girl-led research was led by 22 young women aged between 15 to 25 in Australia and Vietnam, with support from the charity for girls’ equality Plan International Australia.

Central to the report is a ‘blue sky’ vision of a new world, which has global support. Six pillars support this larger vision, along with suggested policy changes needed to see each of them become reality.

This report is for power holders everywhere, including governments and policymakers: we ask you to hear our calls for change and engage with us to co-create this better normal.

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