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With your support, girls can get the right start in life.

Girls are doing a lot to change global poverty. We’ve seen what amazing things happen when girls have the opportunity to be educated – they go on to lift themselves and their future families out of poverty.

But too many children are still being denied the right to go to school – and the chance to lift themselves out of poverty and hardship – simply because they are girls. That’s just not right.

When girls don’t get a decent education they have little chance of finding a job as an adult. Education is key to unlocking the amazing potential of girls, and changing the world for them and their families.

By helping a girl become an educated woman, you are lifting future generations of children out of poverty. We need your help to fund life-changing projects that are giving girls like Winnie (pictured below) the chance to go to school – and stay there.


"There is no tool for development more effective than the education of girls."

Kofi Annan, former UN Secretary General

Give girls a better chance at life.

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When given the opportunity girls really do have the power to change the world.

At six years of age, a girl like Winnie should be learning at school, playing with her friends and following her dreams. 

Winnie’s mum wished she could have given her daughter a better start at life. But as a single parent with poor literacy skills, she had to work hard every hour of every day just to put food on the table.There was no money for books or toys, and precious little time for play in Winnie’s family. 

Without urgent help, it’s likely Winnie’s life would have ended up much like her mother’s. With no education, she would have struggled to find a job or afford basic healthcare. It’s just so unfair that kids like Winnie miss out on an education, just because they are girls.

Fortunately for her, kind donations helped her village set up an early learning centre.

You can help make sure every girl has the chance to reach her amazing potential, and create a brighter future for herself and her family.

Your donation in action – how you’re helping

When a girl is educated:

  • She has a better chance of reaching her potential
  • She will grow up to have fewer and healthier children
  • Her daughters are more likely to go to school
  • Future generations can escape the poverty trap

  • Your donation will keep girls healthy, safe and learning. Thank you.