Got a special occasion coming up? Whether it’s a wedding or civil partnership, birthday or anniversary, we’d love you to celebrate with us.

Give in celebration

Weddings are a cause for celebration. But for many girls they mark the end of their futures. You can help girls like Yekaba choose if and when to marry. Mark your upcoming celebration by asking for donations in lieu of gifts.

You can ask friends, family and colleagues to donate to help support girls facing child marriage or if you’re planning a party, you can collect donations on the day.


Help girls like Yekaba choose if and when to marry. Give in celebration!

Give in memory

A gift in memory of someone you love is an enduring gift of hope.

Creating an online tribute page allows family and friends to make an online gift in honour of a loved one.

If you would like to ask family and friends to give a donation to Plan International Australia in lieu of flowers at the funeral, we can provide envelopes free of charge.

You or your Funeral Director can arrange the delivery of envelopes by calling us on 13 75 26.


His birthday wish was for all children around the world to enjoy their birthday as much as him, asking for donations instead of birthday gifts.

Archie’s family has sponsored a child, Sakina, from Nepal for the last 10 years through Plan International. Through the sponsorship process, Archie has gained an understanding that he is in the lucky minority of children worldwide that not only have access to food, shelter and education, but also have plenty of toys at their disposal.

Together, Archie and his family and friends donated over $845 to send gifts, in the form of donations, to sponsor child, Sakina, and other children like her in Nepal.