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Whether you decide to run a bake sale or a marathon, you can wield your unique skills for a purpose through community fundraising, and help foster sustainable, long-term change for girls and their communities.

We ‘re here to provide you with guidance and support, so you can make the biggest impact possible!

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How do I organise a community fundraiser?

It’s simple.

  1. Choose your community fundraising activity.
    Have a think about what you are good at and what you enjoy, then brainstorm how you could harness these skills and interests to fundraise. Get creative! The world is your community fundraising oyster!
  1. Tell us about it
    Fill in the form below and let us know about your brilliant community fundraising plans. Familiarise yourself with our community fundraising guidelines and sign the form at the bottom of the agreement. Please note that you will need a supervising adult to register on your behalf if you are not over the age of 18.
  1. Download our resources
    We want to prep you for success, so we’ve put together a community fundraising guide, posters and social media resources you can use during your fundraising journey.
  2. Set up your fundraising page 
    Jump over to GoFundraise, our third party fundraising platform, and click on ‘Start Fundraising’. From here you can create and personalise your own page, complete with fundraising target, and once it’s all set up, you can share your page with family, friends and colleagues!


Alternatively, you can collect donations and send us the donation form when you transfer the funds to us – the choice is yours.

 Let the community fundraising begin!

A born fundraiser

I’m fundraising for girls in need all around the world for International Day of the Girl and I really want to raise awareness about how girls are mistreated.

If you think that sounds like the pitch of a seasoned community fundraiser, you’re not wrong. At 10 years old, Billie has been campaigning for Plan International Australia for more than a quarter of her life and she shows no signs of slowing down.

An ABCme program about International Day of the Girl ignited Billie’s passion for girls’ rights when she was just seven years old, and it inspired her to deliver a speech about girls’ rights to her class at school. “My teacher, she really loved it and she sent me and my friend to every class in the school to give that speech!” shares Billies.

After receiving such great feedback, Billie was keen to do something similar the following year for International Day of the Girl, and that was when her mum suggested that she add a community fundraising element to her campaign.

So, Billie set up a raffle at school, and devised a game called ‘Beat the Goalie’ where, for $1, students could test their soccer skills and win a prize if they scored a goal.

“All my schoolmates really liked it and some of them even helped,” shares Billie. “They had a lot of fun while they were fundraising, and they were all really positive about the results too.”

Since that initial school fundraiser, Billie has taken to the wider community, setting up fundraising stalls outside her local Woolworths, her friend’s ballet concert and beyond! She’s even managed to get retail sponsors on board, after reaching out to bookstores and sports shops asking them to donate prizes. All in all, her efforts have seen her raise a total of $2,754 for Plan International Australia.

No matter where life takes this 10-year-old, her passion for girls’ rights is sure to follow, “Girls in the other countries, they can’t speak up, so we have to be the voice for them and we have to fight for them until it’s equal rights for girls as well as boys.”

We can’t wait to see what Billie does next!


Tell us about your fundraising

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, please get in touch with us before you launch your fundraiser.

You can let us know what you’re planning by completing the fundraising proposal form above. Once complete, you can promote your activity as an official Plan International Australia fundraiser giving your supporters confidence in where their donated dollar goes. We can also provide you with resources and support to ensure that your fundraiser is a success.
Donations you raise bring lasting improvements to the lives of girls and their families all over the world.

If you’d like to learn more about what we do, you can read about our work and how we maximise the support we generously receive.
We recommend that you carefully consider the risks associated with collecting cash and, where possible, enable people to donate online.

Sign up to GoFundraise and share the link. This is the easiest way to promote your activity, and raise funds. Where you do collect cash, we recommend that you convert it to a bank cheque or money order as soon as possible.
If a donor wishes to receive a tax deductible receipt from us, we recommend that you advise them to make their donation directly to us via our website, call us on 13 75 26 or donate to your GoFundraise page.
After your fundraiser, please return the funds within 14 days.

Securely post cheques and money orders to GPO Box 2818, Melbourne VIC 3001 with your contact details on the back (in case we need to call you to clarify anything).

If you would like to deposit the funds please call us on 13 75 26 for banking details. Once received, our friendly fundraising team will then be in touch to confirm and give you a big thank you!

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