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Are you passionate about gender equality? Do you want to create positive change in your community? Are you keen to make new friends and connect with other change makers? Do you want to access real opportunities to speak truth to power? Then this is the program for you!

“The people you surround yourself with help you grow.” - Mehak, Youth Activist Leader

Youth Activist Series 2017 from Zoe Condliffe on Vimeo.

What does it mean to be a Youth Activist Leader?

Youth activist leaders are young people between 16 and 25 who are passionate about making change in Australia and the world the theme of Gender Equality. Our Youth Activist Leaders are the champions of Plan International Australia’s youth activist series. You will not learn the tools you need to create change, but you will be inspired, make life-long friends and become part of a global movement dedicated to a world where everyone can learn, lead, decide and thrive. You will receive support, guidance and mentorship from Plan to run your Youth Activist Series group for the year, with the goal of making change in the gender equality space through advocacy and campaign actions.

This is not your usual youth leadership opportunity – we are focused on providing youth-led opportunities to make real-world change. 

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What is the Youth Activist Series?

The Youth Activist Series (YAS) is an initiative of Plan International Australia, aimed at engaging a diverse range of young people between 16 and 25 years of age in an inclusive process of change-making. The Youth Activist Series groups are led by Youth Activist Leaders. Youth Activist Series participants are involved in the process of developing a change goal, and then are provided with skills in order to make change.

These skills include:

  • Gender equality literacy
  • Storytelling
  • Advocacy
  • Campaigns
  • Facilitation
  • Media
  • Public speaking
  • Creative activism
  • How to speak truth to power

Plan and the Youth Activist Leaders work with YAS participants to link them up with opportunities for change. These may include:

  • Media opportunities
  • Panel discussions
  • Report launches
  • #girltakeover
  • Advisory working groups
  • Presenting to local government
  • Using social media to raise awareness
  • Co-designing a digital data-collection tool


In order to minimize costs, the registration fee for the Youth Activist Leadership Course is $200. This is a contribution toward your training. 

We want to make sure this opportunity is open to as many of you as possible, so if this cost has made you re-think applying please apply for a scholarship at the end of the application form. 


We do not currently have an active round of applications open, however we encourage you to apply at anytime by clicking the “Apply Here!” button and filling out the form. 

We will be checking applications periodically and will get back to you when we have an opening. 


You will be required for a weekend training  at the beginning  of the program. 

This program will require around two days minimum of your commitment per month, with some months being busier than others depending on what activities we have planned. This is a flexible program – you can be involved more or less depending on how much you want to get out of it. 


If you are under 18, you will need your parent or care givers’ written permission to be part of this program.


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The Youth Activist Series ended up being about intersections in gender because we are a diverse group. We are diverse in lots of ways other than race: culture, religion, sexuality, age, ability and socio-economic background.
- Sherry-Rose

I really liked the vibe: young women wanting to do stuff, a place where you can connect with people. I’ve learnt a lot about what power you have as a young woman, not as a young person really but as a young woman... It opened up my mind to a whole range of things I would never have experienced. It was very bottom up driven, so we were driving it, even if you joined it later on we still had that feeling. - Mehak

I learnt collaboration through Plan’s Youth Activist Series. - Idil

Everything has changed for me. I know it sounds dramatic but everything has changed. This really got me to do a lot of advocacy work and speak for myself and speak for other women. I felt like I could speak for others, and I wanted to, and people could relate. Having people all having that common ground, bouncing off each other’s ideas, having my opinions validated, it’s been great. You see your ideas come to life, it’s not just words, you were able to see it happen. - Nawal

Coming together as like-minded women is really powerful. - Everyone

You can still join the movement even if you cannot take part in the program. Let's talk about what we can do together.

Ask Zoe


Twenty-one-year-old Imogen, a Plan Youth Ambassador, took her passion for tackling climate change to the Philippines. "All of the young people have very interesting stories in their own way. But there was one girl, Marinel, who is 17. She said that many people in her community are ignorant about climate change, and don’t listen to her. She’s worried about what kind of impact that will have on her generation."

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