David’s story – continuing a family tradition that lives long

For David, supporting children in poverty is a family tradition.

“I’ve been supporting Plan International for about 36 years. Why? Because my mother supported them. Mum was a bit of a humanitarian, she’s now in her 80s.”

David remembers reading their sponsored child’s letters together as a family.

“It’s a positive way of making a difference to someone’s life and you can actually see it. Apart from health, education is one of the most important things you can give to a child. Education is a stepping-stone to a better life.

“The critical thing, particularly in Africa, is how much kids want to go to school. They will walk for an hour to go school.

“Through Plan International I can help them get there.”

David now sponsors a child in Zimbabwe. Seeing the work of Plan International in this country has inspired him to leave a gift in his Will.

“They make sure the child goes to school but the money also goes to projects in villages and communities.

“In Zimbabwe, where I’ve been twice, they’re getting kids to schools, assisting the community to build schools, providing education about child marriage, helping them with nutrition, putting in wells and sanitation.”

“With Plan International there’s not a big bureaucracy. You know where your money is going. Even a small bequest can make a big difference. It’s about making a difference even when you’re gone.”

Knowing where his money is going gave David the confidence to leave a legacy through Plan International Australia.


“Education is one of the most important things you can give to a child.”

David and Vicki want their giving, and the values behind it, to live on through a gift to Plan International Australia in their Will. They want to keep helping get disadvantaged children to school.