Stand With Girls
Stop The Setback


Knowledge is power, and an education is the most effective tool for a girl to overcome inequality, unlock her potential, and claim her rights.

With it, she is less likely to face child marriage or early pregnancy, and more likely to follow her dreams and secure her future.


Will you add your name to stop the setback?

Girls face unique challenges in times of crisis – and the inequalities they already experience are made much worse.

But our voices can stop this. Together, we can make sure our years of global work to achieve gender equality stays on track – so that girls can take their rightful place as equals.

Because a better now for her, is a better future for everyone.


By adding your name you are standing with girls like Bhumika and Rasha.

Bhumika and her five siblings live in Nepal, and her favourite colour is pink. Bhumika loves elephants: though she’s sometimes worried they’ll leave their jungle home to eat her family’s crops.

She spends her days the way all children should: playing, learning and dreaming. She has a happy life free of worry.

But where Bhumika lives, 90% of girls are married before they become adults – and without an education, she too could face a life of child marriage, early pregnancy and lost opportunities. It’s a life no girl should have to face.

Bhumika is still young and fortunately without worries. She is a very happy girl. But if our family doesn’t make ends meet, I’m afraid of what might happen.
  • – Suman, elder Sister

16-year-old Rasha lives in Azraq refugee camp in Jordan, and is creating change for girls just like her. She is an active youth committee member engaging with girls and women about challenges they face in the camp and conducts interactive sessions to talk about the risks of gender-based violence.

“We conduct home visits and educate women about their rights and what it means to be abused or abusive. Some just did not know they are being subjected to one of the many forms of violence and abuse.”

Women and girls must understand what their rights are and what it means to be abused or abusive and how they should deal with this situation.

Together, we can stop the setback and help girls secure their futures.

Stop the Setback

Stand with Girls

With the support of people like you, we can enable courageous girls to lead campaigns and change their futures.

Together, we can’t be ignored.

We’ve helped end child marriage in Malawi, driven change for safer streets in Kampala and campaigned to stop the trafficking of girls in Nepal.

Stop the Setback

Stop the Setback

When girls are educated and supported – their entire family and community benefits, including boys and men.

Because gender inequality affects absolutely everyone.

By standing with girls and empowering them to speak up, know their rights and lead, we’re working towards a better, more equal world for all.

Together, we can stand with girls in crisis. Together we can stop the setback.

We’re supporting girls in crisis by:

Improving access to education: We’re supporting education in 50 countries by offering virtual learning and distribution of home-based educational materials. We are working with teachers, parents, health care providers and partners to make sure children get the support they need during this crisis.

Improving access to sexual and reproductive health services: Helping girls and young women get continued access to sexual and reproductive health information and services. This includes access to sanitary products and essentials to help women and girls manage their periods during this crisis.

Stopping harmful practices: Promoting action against gender-based violence to support vulnerable girls and young women. We’re training front-line responders to protect children – particularly girls – from violence, sexual exploitation, abuse, separation and psychosocial distress.

Ensuring economic security: Helping provide cash support to at least 100,000 vulnerable households to supplement loss of critical family livelihoods.

Providing hygiene, water & sanitation: Focusing on communities, national governments and partners to tackle the spread of COVID-19 through dissemination of public health information and promotion of best hygiene practices, including installation of hand-washing facilities.

About Plan International Australia

Put simply, we’re the charity for girls’ equality.

We tackle the root causes of poverty, support communities through crisis, campaign for gender equality, and help governments do what’s right for children and particularly for girls.

We are here to ignite the creativity, talent and ideas of girls in all their diversities. We are informed by evidence, and always learning.

A better now for her. A better future for everyone.

Together, we can stand with girls in crisis. Together we can stop the setback.