Help Fight Famine

50 million people are on the brink of famine due to the conflict in Ukraine and the drought in the Horn of Africa.

Thank you for calling on our government to act.


Here in Australia, we’ve seen our own food prices skyrocket because of the conflict in Ukraine.

But in communities where people were already struggling to find food, the conflict in Ukraine pushed them to breaking point.

Thank you for taking action and for calling on our government to act.


Campaign update

On 29 May 2023 the Australian Government announced an additional $29 million emergency assistance package to support famine affected communities. This comes on top of the $40 million addition in February 2023 and October 2022, taking the total to $69 million since we launched the Help Fight Famine campaign.

The funds will go towards providing food, water and other essential support, and we continue to advocate for $81 million in urgent famine relief, as the scale of the hunger crisis grows.

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Our research

In August 2022, we published Running on Empty, a report that highlights the staggering and disproportionate impact of the global hunger crisis on the world’s most vulnerable groups.

The report reveals soaring rates of child marriage, heightened food insecurity among disabled communities and shocking statistics on the amount of children facing malnutrition, stunting and death.