Meet our Youth Activists for 2022

Our Youth Activists are a force to be reckoned with

Our Youth Activists are dedicated, enthusiastic individuals who are passionate about a fairer world for children and girls. They receive intensive training in gender equality literacy, advocacy and government relations, media and public speaking, communications and content collection, and then go out into the world and tackle inequality head on. They are fearless, powerful and feminist.

Meet the Team

Voices for Change

For the Voices for Change Project, young people from Australia, Indonesia and Vietnam came together to collectively inform what inclusive, and truly representative, civic spaces could look like.

At Plan International we believe that young people are best placed to create solutions to the problems that directly impact them.  Every single day, young women and gender diverse young people are fighting for their right to be heard – and they’re dissatisfied with decision makers not listening to them due to their age, gender, ethnicity, disability, or sexuality.

This group of powerful young people uncovered how young people currently engage in politics, and the changes they want to see so their voices are heard when it comes to decisions that directly affect their lives.

Their recommendations for more inclusive and representative spaces are:

  • invest in, support and work with grassroots, youth-led networks, especially those led by or for young women and gender diverse young people.
  • formal models to support young people in their diversity to have a say
  • education opportunities
  • more transparency and accountability
  • increasing diversity of representation.

Armed with this evidence, our Youth Activists will campaign for change and accountability from decision-makers. We encourage decision makers and those of you working with young people to consider our recommendations for change, and review the ways you can holistically engage youth in informal and formal decision making processes, and create more spaces where young people in all their diversity can participate.

Read the full Voices for Change report.

What is the Youth Activist Series?

The Youth Activist Series (YAS) is a  12-month program for young people who are passionate about fighting for gender justice. Learn more about YAS.

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