Donate to children in the Solomon Islands

Becoming a Plan International supporter is one of the easiest ways to improve the lives of all children in the Solomon Islands and to make sure girls have access to equal opportunities.


By joining our Change for Girls program, you can help girls take their rightful place as equals and support all children to unleash their full potential.


You help tackle the root causes of discrimination, exclusion and vulnerability, and support some of the world’s most vulnerable children to thrive.

Key Challenges for children in Solomon Islands


  • Climate change and rising sea levels are seeing populations forced to leave their homes.
  • In Isabel Province, sanitation rates sit at a very low 6% with many going to the toilet out in the open, causing disease to spread.
  • Gender inequality is entrenched with 73% of women believing a man is justified in beating his wife in some circumstances.
  • Girls and young women face significant threats to their personal safety, including sexual harassment, assault and violence, particularly in the growing number of informal settlements.

Yes, I’ll support change for girls and help all children in the Solomon Islands thrive

Change for Girls in the Solomon Islands