Publication - 1 January 2018

Gender Transformative Climate Change Action in the Pacific

Plan International Australia commissioned the Institute for Sustainable Futures at the University of Technology Sydney to undertake research on “Gender Transformative Climate Change Action in the Pacific” in April–August 2018.The research aimed to define what gender transformative climate change action (GTCCA) looks like, to assist future gender transformative climate change programming.

The research employed a strengths-based approach to reveal positive practice and opportunity for future improvements. It was designed to motivate gender transformative practice and climate change action by offering space for reflection on past experiences, identifying success stories and their enablers, and revealing preferred future actions. Focus group discussions and interviews were carried out in Fiji and the Solomon Islands to gain insight on GTCCA from real world examples. Recognising that current programming is often gender aware or gender focused, the research considered the potential to shift or stretch existing programming to achieve transformative outcomes.


The work was informed by earlier related activities in the Pacific by Plan International, in particular the Child Centred Climate Change Adaptation (4CA) programme, and partners in Fiji and the Solomon Islands.

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