telling their own stories

A new wave of citizen journalists.

We believe young people are the experts of their own experience and their voices and ideas play an essential role in shaping Plan International’s work, from informing our advocacy recommendations to governments, to guiding our program activities and our emergency response plans during crises.

Initially developed by Plan International Philippines in the aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan (2013), the Youth Reporter Project is one way we empower young people to tell their own stories and raise their voices about the issues that matter to them and to their communities. 

The project provides mobile journalism (mo-jo) training for young people aged 13 to 24, allowing participants to capture and produce digital stories and news reports using smartphones.

The youth-friendly training toolkit has been utilised in a number of countries where Plan International works, and its five modules provide guidance around the many aspects of reporting, from the theoretical (ethics and principles of journalism) to the practical (equipment, photography, script writing, editing and writing for social media).

Following training, participants are equipped with the skills and knowledge to put their learnings into practice as young citizen journalists, media literacy advocates, and change agents in their communities. 

Keep scrolling to to visit some of the communities where Plan International works, led by young people who have completed mobile journalism training.

14-year-old Jeneba dreams of being a lawyer so she can defend people's rights. But for girls in Sierra Leone, it can be hard to attend school and finish their education.

In Tanzania, many families rely on their crops for food as well as income. When crops fail many children, like 9-year-old January, are forced out of school and into work to help support their families.

The effects of climate change are being felt heavily in Bangaldesh. But Shejuti is using her passion and skills to ensure that no one in her community has to loose their homes or leave their loved ones behind.

As a member of a Girls Group in her school in Vietnam, 15-year-old Luyen is helping her family and community adapt to the changing climate.

Plan International has supported Fransiska's community in Indonesia to construct and maintain a fresh water supply. It provides safe and clean water to her community, and allows girls to concentrate on their studies.

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