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A Responsible Traveller’s Manifesto

A Responsible Traveller’s Manifesto

Travel is many things to many people – a rite of passage, a holiday, an opportunity for discovery of the world and of self.

We pack the things we need and we leave any worries behind – no room for those in the luggage! When we travel, it’s important to be open to new experiences, to respect the customs and culture of others and to tread lightly on lands that are not our own.

Our partners at World Nomads believe all travellers have a responsibility to give back, and here, they share their manifesto for responsible travel so you can globetrot consciously on your next sojourn.

  • Treat travel as a learning opportunity first and foremost. Keep your eyes and your mind open. Indulge your curiosity, be brave, find your own journey of discovery.
  • Research and ask questions about a place before you go and while on the road. Strive to understand and respect cultural and religious nuances and customs. Appreciate, don’t appropriate traditions from other cultures.
  • Travel smart. Remember that just because you are abroad doesn’t mean you are invincible, entitled or above the rules (you’re not).
  • Seek meaningful travel experiences and connections. Make an effort to be more than a spectator – engage and participate whenever you can. Learn a few words of the local lingo – your efforts won’t go unnoticed, neither will a smile.
  • Avoid any activity that treats people as a tourist attraction in and of themselves. Don’t do anything that might endanger or exploit the local residents – people and wildlife alike.
  • Acknowledge that tourism has a dark side – practices that are harmful to animals, and ‘volun-tourism’ that has the potential to set a community back are just a couple of examples. Don’t knowingly support this underbelly. Grow from any past mistakes.
  • Share your stories, your expertise, what you’ve learned. But more importantly, be a good listener. Every single one of us has something to contribute. Explore the differing perspectives that you encounter, spend time trying to actively understand them.
  • Choose the path less travelled, and tread lightly along the way. Offset your carbon footprint, use less plastic and make the most sustainable choice wherever you can. If you think somewhere is amazing, chances are future generations will too – make sure it’s there for them to experience.
  • Use your travel dollars for a positive impact. Question where the money goes before you book – make sure the locals are benefitting from your travel choices. Buy locally and responsibly, barter graciously.
  • f you can give a little back to the places that you’ve travelled, do – those few dollars can go further than you may imagine.
  • Most importantly, be an ambassador for yourself and your fellow nomads – you are more than just travellers, you are also powerful agents for positive change.

World Nomads & The Footprints Network

Faridah leads a group of girls in Kampala who are committed to making their city safer
Faridah leads a group of girls in Kampala who are committed to making their city safer

Following the South East Asia tsunami in 2004, World Nomads founded The Footprints Network as a way to enable their customers to fund charity projects in the places they visit.

When you purchase World Nomads travel insurance you can add a small donation onto the price of your policy. 100% of the donation goes directly to a global community development project of your choice. World Nomads customers and Plan International are currently making cities safer for girls in Uganda through The Footprints Network, and since 2015, they have raised close to $500,000 for Plan International projects

Learn more about World Nomads.

The support of our partners is crucial to the work we do and World Nomads is part of a growing movement of businesses using their profits for purpose. To find out how your business can get involved visit our Corporate Partnerships page.

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