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Books for raising feminist kids

Books for raising feminist kids

Books are the key to worlds of wonder, imagination and learning. Yet though the pages can host many worlds and possibilities it can be hard to find books that exist outside the “norm” when it comes to how we portray boys and girls. (In fact, this is a great representation of how gender is depicted in stories).

We want kids to know that their dreams don’t have to be dictated by their gender, their background or their abilities. It’s hard to be what you can’t see – to raise kids to be feminists who live and breathe equality we need to show them that equality can be the norm. And what better way than though a good story?

We asked our team to share their list of favourite feminist books for the children in their lives.

Amazing Australian Women: Twelve Women Who Shaped History

Pamela Freeman and Sophie Beer

Meet twelve amazing Australian women who have changed the world in small and large ways from politics to the arts, to Indigenous culture, science and more. Ages 6-10

Meet ClaraBelle Blue

Adiba Nelson and Ilene Serna

ClaraBelle is here to celebrate differences while showing what kids have in common no matter their abilities. Ages 6-8

Anti-princess club

Samantha Turnbull

A five-book series for kids that follows the lives of 10-year-old best friends who don’t want to be seen as damsels in distress. Ages 7-9

Stories for boys who dare to be different

Ben Brooks and Quinton Winter

A book to inspire boys who want to go against the grain, full of stories of adventure and wonderment featuring boys “who changed the world without killing dragons”. Age 8+

Good night stories for rebel girls

Elena Favilli and Francesca Cavallo

A book full of stories of 100 remarkable women and their extraordinary lives “What if the princess did not marry Prince Charming but instead went on to be an astronaut?” Age 8+

Ada Twist, Scientist

Andrea Beaty and David Roberts

Ada wants to understand how the world works. She goes on a fact-finding mission and conducts experiments in the name of discovery, but this gets her into trouble! The seires shows that all kids, no matter their gender or background can pursue their dreams. Age 5+ 

Princess smartypants

Babette Cole

Princess Smartypants would rather live with her pets than get married, but her parents have other ideas. So the Princess sets tasks for her suiters and watches them fail with glee. Age 6+

Anne of green gables

L.M. Montgomery

Anne spelled with an e has accompanied many young women as we grow up and into ourselves. Age 9+

The Paper Bag Princess

Robert Munsch and Michael Martchenko

Princess Elizabeth is set to meet her Prince Ronald when he’s kidnapped by a dragon so it’s up to the Princess to rescue him, in less than princess-like attire. Age 4+ 

Little people big dreams

Isabel Sanchez Vegara

A series that explores the lives of outstanding people from designers and artists to scientists who all began their lives as children with a dream. Age 5+

With these books under our kids’ belt imagine what they could dream and achieve! If you have your own #feministbooks recommendations let us know on social media.

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