Media Centre - Statement - 9 July 2024

Plan International condemns missile strike on Kyiv children’s hospital 

Plan International condemns this morning’s attacks by the Russian military across Ukraine including on the Okhmatdyt Children’s Hospital in Kyiv.

At the time of writing 24 people have been confirmed dead including 19 from the airstrike on the children’s hospital and countless more have been injured. The death toll is likely to rise as more victims, including children, their caregivers, and medical staff, lie under the rubble.

Healthcare facilities protected under IHL

The Okhmatdyt Children’s Hospital is one of the largest paediatric hospitals in Ukraine and is also a centre for treating children with cancer. Hospitals and health facilities are protected under International Humanitarian Law (IHL) and an attack against them is illegal. This is also a grave violation against children in conflict under the Children and Armed Conflict (CAAC) mandate.

Children and their carers have a right to be safe while seeking treatment at hospital. The ongoing war in Ukraine is having a catastrophic impact on children’s physical and mental health. This morning’s attacks will add to the sense of severe and continual insecurity for children in Ukraine.

Children in Ukraine have been living under constant threat of missiles for over two years now.  From acute sensitivity to loud noises to vivid flashbacks, being unable to sleep for fear of being bombed, staying indoors for fear of landmines, experiencing severe anguish  for family members on the frontlines or if their male relatives will be mobilised, young people impacted by the war in Ukraine have spoken to Plan International and its partners of the toll the war is having on their mental health.

Children must never be a target

Civilians, especially children, must be protected and not targeted.  Plan International demands an immediate and unequivocal end to all grave violations against children in conflict and for IHL to be respected in the ongoing war in Ukraine, especially relating to the protection of civilians and civilian infrastructure such as hospitals.

Plan International has been working alongside local partners in Ukraine, Moldova, Poland, and Romania responding to the humanitarian crisis since the escalation of the war in Ukraine in February 2022. The child and youth focused organisation provides lifesaving humanitarian assistance, child protection, education in emergencies, mental health and psychosocial support and services to respond and prevent gender-based violence.

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