Ecuador Earthquake devastates

Plan International ready to respond

Plan International is ready to respond after a massive 7.8-magnitude earthquake struck near the northern coastal town of Muisne in Ecuador on Saturday, killing hundreds and injuring many more.

Widespread severe damage is reported and a state of emergency has been declared in six provinces. There have been a number of aftershocks.

“In situations like this, our first priority is to ensure children and families are safe, and provide them with essentials they need to ensure they survive, like food water and shelter,” says Dave Husy, Plan International Australia’s Director of Programs.

“In Australia, we have about 800 sponsors of children in Ecuador, so we are doing our best to account for each and every child,” he says.

Staff in Plan International Ecuador are currently on the ground, assessing the damage.

“We are ready to coordinate with partners and support affected children and their families,” said Rossana Viteri, Country Director of Plan International Ecuador.

“At the moment information is trickling in. We will have a clearer idea of impact and damage with daylight. Many people including Plan International staff in affected areas are spending their night in the streets,” she says.

“We are working round the clock now to gather information and share data with relevant agencies and partners. It is crucial to reach affected communities quickly to assess the extent of the damage and coordinate the response,” she added.

The organisation has been operating in Ecuador for more than 50 years and works with children in communities across the country.

Australian Sponsors of children in Ecuador will be notified if their sponsored child has been affected by the disaster.

You can help children survive immediately after a disaster strikes by donating to our Children in Crisis fund.

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